President of the Labor Wives Association, Ministry of Labor, offers scholarships to 'Create' welfare 'Reinforce' personnel

           Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ratatta Chakkaphark, the President of the Labor Wives Association, Ministry of Labor, said that the scholarship consideration this year is divided into two groups, with the first group receiving the annual scholarship. At grade 1 - elementary 6 (normal)The scholarship is 3,000 Baht / semester, High Vocational Certificate (Vocational Diploma) / Technical Diploma (Normal Diploma) 4,000 baht and Bachelor Degree (Normal) 6,000 baht. Applicants for the scholarship will be required to study in public and private schools in elementary education - Bachelor's degree (regular) with good behavior and grades at all levels must have a GPA of not less than 3.00.


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            Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ratatan further said that the application for group 2 funding, which is a continuing scholarship. The scholarships will be awarded at 30,000 baht per semester. In this group, people have the right to apply for a scholarship. The child must have a salary not exceeding 35,000 baht and are studying in the government education at the bachelor degree level (normal), have a good behavior and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.50, which must be sent to the Labor Wives Association, Ministry of Labor considers all semesters. If GPA is less than 3.50, the scholarship will be suspended. Those who have the right to be considered for both types of scholarships must be lawful children of government officials, permanent employees and government employees under the Ministry of Labor.
            For those who are interested in submitting the academic transcripts for the academic year 2017 and the certificate of conduct of the applicant. The educational institution issued or in the form of the Labor Wives Association, Ministry of Labor is defined as follows: Documents of the institution confirming admission in 2018, or a copy of the student card, a copy of the house registration with the child's name, a copy of government official identification card / permanent employee / government official of the applicant's Ministry of Labor Salary certificate or pay slip (May - June) of the applicant. The selection of scholarship applicants will be subject to the discretion of the Board of Education, the Labor Wives Association, the Ministry of Labor, and the approval of the Board of Directors, the Housewife Association, Ministry of Labor. The secretary has informed and circulated the form of application for public relations to all departments under the Ministry of Labor has considered or load the request and apply from May 15 to June 20, 2018.


Friday, 11 May 2018