Public Relations News

No. Title Post date
1 The Ministry of Labor organized a meeting to prepare the celebration of His Majesty the King's Birthday. 05/07/2018
2 Deputy prime minister visited the Ministry of Labor. 05/07/2018
3 "Gen. Prawit" discusses the draft 60-64 strategic plan to improve the quality of life informal workers. 05/07/2018
4 The Ministry of Labor welcomes the TDRI director and reveals the progress of the project to increase the potential of low income people. 04/07/2018
5 Ministry of Labor organizes the meeting of the Red Cross Organizing Committee of the Ministry of Labor. 04/07/2018
6 JFCCT Offers Ministry of Labor to improve work permits for foreign entrepreneurs in Thailand. 04/07/2018
7 Ministry of Labor welcomes the Bangladesh Secretary of Labor and Welfare abroad. 03/07/2018
8 Director-General of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare ordered to accelerate the analysis of labor relations. 03/07/2018
9 "Gen. Adul" is pleased to bring more than 1.18 million foreign workers to the system thanks to all parties involved. 03/07/2018
10 Permanent Secretary for Labor checked and tracked the OSS and proof of Nationality on the last day. 02/07/2018
11 Ministry of Labor congratulates the 47th anniversary of the Nation. 02/07/2018
12 "Gen. Adul" gave pineapples to the people in Flat Din Daeng to help farmers in accordance with the state. 02/07/2018
13 'Gen. Adul' joins the auspicious ceremony Dedicated to the reign of King Rama 8 and 9. 29/06/2018
14 Thailand is glad! "Climbing up the Tier 2" Big Wah thanked all parties for their commitment to sustainable human trafficking. 29/06/2018
15 "Gen. Adul" gave a special lecture: Aimed at raising the executive to the government of the 4.0. 29/06/2018
16 The Ministry of Labor organizes a national committee meeting to eliminate the worst forms of child labor. 29/06/2018
17 'Gen. Adul' inspects and monitors the service center (OSS) and proves citizenship. 29/06/2018
18 Ministry of Labor visited Labor Information Surveillance Room. 29/06/2018
19 "Gen. Adul" reveals that the government develops digital skills to raise manpower to Thailand 4.0. 28/06/2018
20 "Gen. Adul" joins the ISSA Presidency to discuss Vision Zero Strategy to promote workplace safety culture. 28/06/2018
21 'Permanent Secretary of Labor' awarded Zero Accident Campaign 2018. 28/06/2018
22 "Gen. Adul" Opened the 32nd National Occupational Safety and Health Administration to raise safety standards. 28/06/2018
23 'Ministry of Labor' organizes State Enterprise Labor Relations Meeting No. 2/2018. 28/06/2018
24 The Ministry of Labor holds senior-level academic meetings on gender equality in specialized organizations under the ASEAN Community. 28/06/2018
25 Korea needs more Thai workers. 27/06/2018
26 "Big Wah" donates over 4.9 million baht to descendants of Thai workers who died in Singapore. 27/06/2018
27 Ministry of Labor considers wages for the elderly. 27/06/2018
28 The Ministry of Labor organized a meeting of the management board of the Institute for Safety, Occupational Health and Work Environment. 27/06/2018
29 'Gen. Adul' said not to extend the course, the remaining '4 days' only! June 30th until midnight. 27/06/2018
30 Minister of Labor welcomed the Secretary of the Insurance Regulatory Commission to discuss insurance cooperation. 26/06/2018