Public Relations News

Title Updated date
Permanent Secretary of Labor ordered Department of Foreign Affairs to facilitate mobility and speed 06/02/2018
Deputy Minister of Labor checked the system of foreign nationality, focusing on 'quick, easy, accurate' 06/02/2018
Ministry of Labour signed up for a salute New Year's Day, 2018 06/02/2018
Ministry of Labour provided prayer over the years to dedicate to charity 06/02/2018
People with disabilities raise minimum wage 06/02/2018
Ministry of Labor responded to respect the board resolutions. Do not bring to the political movement 06/02/2018
Permanent Secretary was in 3 EEC provinces to survey labor demand 06/02/2018
Labor Minister lectured on "Leadership and Development" 06/02/2018
Ministry of Labor discussed to improve the quality of life of people with state welfare benefits 06/02/2018
Ministry of Labour Congratulations to the National Children's Day 2018 at the Ministry of Education 06/02/2018
Minister of Labor made merit to dedicate a charity to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej 06/02/2018
The Labor Ministry's Special Lecture on Police 4th grade, class 71 06/02/2018
The State Enterprise Labor Federation visited the Labor Permanent Secretary 06/02/2018
Minister of Labor said the trafficking problem must be gone from Thailand 06/02/2018
The Ministry of Labor has handed over the policy of the head of the Overseas Labor Offices, reaffirming their dependence on Thai migrants 04/02/2018
Resolution of the Cabinet approved the new wage adjustment in 2018 with mitigation measures from all parties to adjust wages. 04/02/2018
Ministry of Labor let the Ministry of Labor accelerate the work to see concrete results 04/02/2018
Warning! Thai workers should enter Malaysia legally 04/02/2018
Ministry of labor satisfied the results of the nationality of Chiang Mai. Thai government takes care of all workers as customers 04/02/2018
Ministry of Labour Listen to stakeholder feedback. Draft law on prevention and elimination of threshold labor and forced labor 04/02/2018