Public Relations News

No. Title Post date
1 Ministry of Labor held a meeting the Board of Skill Development. 21/05/2018
2 "Gen. Adul" brought volunteer officials of the Ministry of Labor and the Din Daeng community together to clean up according to the state guidelines. 21/05/2018
3 Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Labor signs MOU with "Work, Money, Qualification" to develop labor productivity. 21/05/2018
4 The Ministry of Labor clarifies that the government protects fishery workers with equal human rights. 18/05/2018
5 Representatives of the Thai Labor Museum Foundation met with Labor Minister to discuss the way the Foundation works. 18/05/2018
6 "Gen. Adul" glad Thai workers in foreign countries make more than 1.2 billion baht a year 18/05/2018
7 Winning prize results for the lucky draw 2018 18/05/2018
8 "Gen. Adul" joins the launch of "Startup Thailand 2018" to promote Thailand as a regional Startup Hub 17/05/2018
9 'Gen. Adul' discusses Israel on sending Thai workers to work more than 5 thousand people 17/05/2018
10 Ministry of Labor Indicates labor needs to work in order to comply with EU - ILO Indicates Labor Management in Thailand Progressive Transparency - Effective 17/05/2018
11 The Department of Welfare and Welfare informs employers with child care centers to provide preventive measures for foot and mouth disease 16/05/2018
12 "Gen. Adul" lectured on World Bank emphasize Thai rights to migrant workers. Do not leave anyone behind 16/05/2018
13 Permanent Secretary for Labor convened High Labor Conference in Brussels Belgium 16/05/2018
14 Gen. Adul ordered to inspect all golf courses to help Thai caddy get the job 15/05/2018
15 Thai Ambassador to Singapore meets Minister of Labor to report labor information in Singapore 15/05/2018
16 Permanent Secretary for Labor visited the rehabilitation center workers 2 Rayong "Do not leave anyone behind" 12/05/2018
17 President of the Labor Wives Association, Ministry of Labor, offers scholarships to 'Create' welfare 'Reinforce' personnel 11/05/2018
18 Permanent Secretary for Labor pointed out the Social Security Office needs to create awareness and raise the level of service provided to the insurer 11/05/2018
19 "Gen. Adul" ordered to solve the problem of fisheries shortage and import MOU over 40 thousand people 11/05/2018
20 The Ministry of Labor held the Subcommittee on Labor Remedies No. 1/2018 11/05/2018
21 "Permanent Secretary of Labor" received a letter from the Social Security Employees' Association demanding compensation and welfare benefits 11/05/2018
22 "Permanent Secretary of Labor" received a letter from the Social Security Employees' Association demanding compensation and welfare benefits 11/05/2018
23 Ministry of Labour arranged the competition: MOL FUTSAL LEAGUE 2018 11/05/2018
24 The Federation of State Enterprises of Labor meets the Minister of Labor 10/05/2018
25 Gen. Adul opened the welfare center to promote the development of the children of the Ministry of Labor, reinforce the internal strength, and will not leave anyone behind 10/05/2018
26 The Ministry of Labor held a meeting to discuss senior level Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD) 10/05/2018
27 Ministry of Labor welcomed the Thai Labor Solidarity Committee, following the progress of filing the 60 Year Claims 10/05/2018
28 Ministry of Labour listened to Convention No. 188 and Fisheries Labor Act BE .... 10/05/2018
29 Gen. Adul ordered to help the heirs and brought the ashes of the Thai fishing boat in 2015 from Indonesia to Thailand 10/05/2018
30 Department of Labor Protection and Welfare revealed 6-year work hazard reduction statistic 09/05/2018