Public Relations News

No. Title Post date
1 The Ministry of Labor presides over the ceremony on the establishment of the Ministry of Labor 2018. 23/09/2018
2 Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Labor opened "Job Fair" in Chonburi to promote the employment in EEC area according to the state guidelines. 22/09/2018
3 'Gen. Adul' recorded "Morning News Thairath" on World Skills ASEAN Bangkok 2018. 21/09/2018
4 'Gen. Adul' recorded Thailand Moves Forward on World Skills ASEAN Bangkok 2018 21/09/2018
5 "Gen. Adul" brought the government official into the field of harmony on Sports Relation Day, Ministry of Labor, 2018. 20/09/2018
6 "Gen. Adul" presided over the Thai State Enterprise Day of 2018 aimed at promoting awareness of the importance of state enterprises to the nation and people. 20/09/2018
7 President of the Disability Rights Network provides information to "Gen. Adul" on money fraud for disabled people within 15 days. 20/09/2018
8 Ministry of Labour Listen to comments for the drafting of the protection and abolition of forced labor Act B.E......... 20/09/2018
9 "Gen. Adul" parses fraudulent money for people with disabilities, orders 15-day progress check. 19/09/2018
10 "Permanent Secretary of Labor" launches training program on waste management in office and 5S activities to personnel of Ministry of Labor. 18/09/2018
11 "Gen. Adul" visited the vocational training program of low income people in Phetchabun and confident that those who finish the course more than half of them will have a job. 17/09/2018
12 Ministry of Labor prepares 11th ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labor (AFML). 15/09/2018
13 "Gen. Adul" opened a seminar for the government, private sector, academics to discuss ways to increase labor productivity to compete in the country. 14/09/2018
14 The Ministry of Labor prepares for the 11th ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labor (AFML). 14/09/2018
15 'Gen.Adul' live interview 'One Tambon One Village Healthy Insurance Project' 13/09/2018
16 'Gen. Adul' awarded Outstanding Business Place to raise labor to 'Thailand 4.0'. 13/09/2018
17 Ministry of Labour organized the Working Group on Labor Relations Promotion in the Fisheries Sector, No. 4/2018. 13/09/2018
18 "Gen. Adul" reveals EJF appreciates Thai government to solve fishing labor problems. 12/09/2018
19 "Gen. Adul" invited to walking-running marathon across the Mekong River on Nov. 11 at Lanna Land, Nakhon Phanom. 12/09/2018
20 "Gen. Adul" opened the 232th Anniversary of Nakhonphanom, a tourism hub on the Mekong River. 12/09/2018
21 Nakhon Phanom province opened a barber training course for police officers to meet the policy of "Gen. Adul". 11/09/2018
22 "Gen. Adul" cooperated with the private sector to provide a classroom for Thai stateless children, Samut Sakhon. 10/09/2018
23 The Ministry of Labor held a meeting to assess the needs and forecast the domestic labor skills. 10/09/2018
24 "Gen. Adul" created staff the Ministry of Labor to become the leader of the era of Thailand 4.0. 07/09/2018
25 The Ministry of Labor led the Thai youths' gold medal at the 12th ASEAN Handicraft Competition recorded the tape "NBT has the answer". 07/09/2018
26 "Permanent Secretary of Labor" clarified the Social Security Board has not approved the collection of additional contributions and ready to listen to the opinions of all parties around. 06/09/2018
27 "Gen. Pravit" opened the Seminar on Labor Management to jointly lead organizations to reform the country. 04/09/2018
28 Ministry of Labor gave a speech and a way to work with middle-level Social Security Administration 25th. 04/09/2018
29 Ministry of Labor recorded ”The Clear, Cut, Chudjen” program. 03/09/2018
30 Integration of departments under the Ministry of Labor, Chiang Mai and provided services to the people in the area. 03/09/2018