Public Relations News

No. Title Post date
1 Ministry of Labour Meets to Develop Publicity on People Service Technologies 19/02/2019
2 Cabinet Approves Extension on Contributions Payment in 23 Provinces Amounting 18 Billion Baht 19/02/2019
3 Deputy Permanent Secretary Welcomes Amnesty International’s Representative Nicholas Bequelin 19/02/2019
4 Labour Minister Leads Executives in Morality and Ethics Promoting Activities for Makha Bucha Day 2019 19/02/2019
5 MOL-CU Prepare MOU on National Labour Research Center using Big Data to Support 4.0 Technology 18/02/2019
6 Thai-UAE Meet on Cooperation to Improve Workers’ Quality of Life 18/02/2019
7 MOL Launches 3H Training to Promote Thai Workforce to ‘Have Work, Have Money, Have Further Education’ 17/02/2019
8 “Pol.Gen. Adul” Reports Thai Ambassadors Meeting with Workers in South Korea and Reminder on Voting Rights 17/02/2019
9 MOL Meets International Women’s Day 2019 Organizing Committee 17/02/2019
10 MOL Discusses Approach for Thai Fruit Pickers Travelling to Finland 17/02/2019
11 “Pol.Gen. Adul” Presents 1.4 Million Baht to Family of Victim from Explosion Near Suvarnabhumi Airport Link 15/02/2019
12 MOL State Enterprise Labour Relations Committee Meets 15/02/2019
13 Labour Minister Welcomes Private Hospital Association in Collaboration to Improve Medical Services 15/02/2019
14 “Pol.Gen. Adul” Enhances Potential of Informal Workers and Access to Social Welfare Benefits 14/02/2019
15 MOL Wage Committee Meets 2/2019 14/02/2019
16 MOL ASEAN Committee Meets on Protection of Migrant Workers’ Rights 13/02/2019
17 MOL Joins 22 Agencies to Create Awareness and Understanding of Government Work Among People in Local Areas 12/02/2019
18 “Pol.Gen. Adul” Advises Thai Workers in Korea to Know the Language and Develop Skills Before Return 12/02/2019
19 “Pol.Gen. Adul” Reports Taiwanese Authorities to Allow Illegal Foreign Workers To Report Back to Home Countries 11/02/2019
20 MOL Subcommittee on Academic Affairs and Screening Meet 09/02/2019
21 “Pol.Gen. Adul” Visits Nakhon Phanom Provincial Operation Center 09/02/2019
22 MOL Prepares for Thai-Laos Senior Labour Official and Ministerial Meetings 09/02/2019
23 MOL Committee on Management and Procurement of Computer Systems Meet 09/02/2019
24 MOL Raises Awareness for Staff in Enhancing Operational Efficiency Together with Ethics and Transparency 09/02/2019
25 “Pol.Gen. Adul” Visits Amata City Chonburi to Encourage Better Health for Workplace Employees 09/02/2019
26 PM Leads Cabinet to Sign Blessings for Princess Chulabhorn ‘s Speedy Recovery 09/02/2019
27 MOL Subcommittee Meets on Protection, Promotion and Development of Homeworkers 1/2019 09/02/2019
28 Inspection Committee Meets on Employment of Consultants 09/02/2019
29 Phrae Province Informal Workers Far From Drugs (February 4, 2019) 08/02/2019
30 “Pol.Gen. Adul” Joins 9 Agencies to Promote Health and Prevent Diseases in Organizations 08/02/2019