Public Relations News

No. Title Post date
1 MOL Inspector-General Visits Phayao Provincial Prison to Create Job, Careers and Income for Inmates During Imprisonment and Promote Development of Skills in Preparation to Enter Workforce after Penalty 23/08/2019
2 MOL Inspector-General Assesses Performance of Urgent Policies in Chiang Rai 23/08/2019
3 MOL Inspector-General Visits Insurers at Chiang Rai Prachanukroh and Kasemrat Sriburin and Visits Lanna Handicraft Group in San Pu Loei in Phayao 23/08/2019
4 Assistant to Permanent Secretary of Labour Joins High-Level Policy Dialogue on Labour and Environment 21/08/2019
5 MOL Joins National Learning Exchange Seminar Under Topic of “Driving the National Strategy on Preventing and Suppressing Corruption Towards a Clear and Clean Thailand for an Anti-Corruption Nation” 2019 21/08/2019
6 Labour Minister Welcomes President of JCC in Bangkok on Courtesy Call and Introduction of New Executive Committee 21/08/2019
7 Labour Minister Reports 20 Crew Members in 2nd Vessel in Somalia has 14 People Wanting to Return Home and Remainder to Stay in Iran 20/08/2019
8 Labour Minister Visits Progress of EEC to Product Manpower in line with Business Needs 20/08/2019
9 MOL Inspector-Generals Join Anti-Drug Workforce Competition No. 7/2019 20/08/2019
10 MOL 2019 Annual Budget Expenditure Management and Tracking Committee Meets for 3/2019 20/08/2019
11 State Enterprise Employees Meet Labour Minister to Propose Risk-Preventing Fund and Adjust Salary Structure 17/08/2019
12 MOL Committee to Consider Operations of Foreign Private Organizations Meet for 4/2019 17/08/2019
13 Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan Presents Policies to MOL Revealing 9 Key Plans and 2 Models to Develop Thai Workforce to ASEAN 17/08/2019
14 Gen. Prawit Delivers Speech Encouraging WorldSkills Participants to Showcase Potential and Raise Thailand’s Reputation 17/08/2019
15 Assistant to the Labour Minister Worships Sacred Items Upon New Appointment 17/08/2019
16 Permanent Secretary Welcomes IM Japan President and Committee on Courtesy Call and Discussion of Official Matters 16/08/2019
17 Labour Minister Welcomes IM Japan President and Committee on Visit to Congratulate and Discuss Official Matters 16/08/2019
18 Labour Minister Shows Concern and Gives Relief for Families of Deceased Workers in Wastewater Treatment Plant in Songkhla 16/08/2019
19 Labour Minister Welcomes Safety and Health at Work Promotion Association (Thailand) under Royal Patronage on Visit to Congratulate and Discuss Official Matters 16/08/2019
20 Labour Minister Welcomes Japanese Ambassador to Thailand on Visit to Congratulate and Discuss Official Matters 16/08/2019
21 MOL Welcomes Confederation of Thai Labour and Workers’ Social Security Network on Visit to Congratulate and Discuss Official Matters 16/08/2019
22 Labour Minister Welcomes Private Hospital Association of Thailand on Visit to Congratulate and Discuss Official Matters 16/08/2019
23 MOL Housewife Association’s Executive Committee Meets 16/08/2019
24 MCOT HD Interviews Labour Minister 16/08/2019
25 Bloomberg News Agency Interviews Labour Minister 16/08/2019
26 Permanent Secretary of Labour Emphasizes Integration of Work and Knowledge for Better Facilitation on a Digital Platform 16/08/2019
27 Labour Minister Concerned for Workers in Scaffolding Collapse in Phuket, Assigns Advisor to Visit Victims and Emphasize Legality of Foreign Workers 15/08/2019
28 MOL Joins Procession for Royal Worship at the Chitralada Royal Villa 15/08/2019
29 MOL Joins Candle-Lighting Ceremony to Celebrate HM Queen Sirikit the Queen Mother’s Birthday for 2019 14/08/2019
30 “TO BE NUMBER ONE” Magazine Interviews Permanent Secretary of Labour 14/08/2019