thai labour news

Title Updated date
Representatives from IVY Cooperative Association Consults on Technical Trainees 13/05/2016
สนร.เกาสง ร่วมกับกลุ่มแรงงานไทยในไต้หวันจัดการแข่งขันกีฬาวันแรงงานประจำปี 2559 11/05/2016
Hong Kong Labour Office Organizes National Labour Day 2016 05/05/2016
Sankosha Representatives Consult Business Expansion in Thailand 16/04/2016
Kaohsiung Labour Office Visits Thai Workers in Chanhua City, Taiwan 23/03/2016
Taipei Labour Office Announces “Songkran Celebration Festival 2016 in Taiwan” 17/03/2016
Brunei Labour Office Arranges Meeting for Labour Volunteers 10/03/2016
Labour Division in Seoul Arranges Meeting for Foreign Worker Help Centers 26/02/2016
Singapore Labour Office Arranges Training for 12th Batch of Labour Volunteers 18/02/2016
Taipei Labour Office Reports "Survey on Foreign Worker Management and Employment in Taiwan for 2015" 17/02/2016
Labour Office in Malaysia Visits Thai Employees in Genbina Sdn Bhd 22/01/2016
Taipei Labour Office Pays Encouragement Visit to Thai Workers Heng Tong Machinery Co., Ltd. In Taoyuan, Taiwan 19/12/2015
Labour Office in Abu Dhabi Arranges Fourth Friendly Sports Competition for Thai Workers 09/12/2015
Labour Office in Hong Kong Joins Sermon by Pramaha Vuttichai Wachiramatee (W.Vajiramedhi) on the 13th Anniversary of the Thai Association in Hong Kong 24/11/2015
Taipei Labour Office Advisor (on Labour) Miss Sadudee Kittisuwan Deploys Anti-Drug Campaigns 11/11/2015
Labour Office in Malaysia Visits Thai Workers in Kuala Lumpur 08/11/2015
Minister Counselor (On Labour) from Labour Office in Japan Visits Trainees in Ishikawa Province 21/10/2015
Consular (on Labour) Presides 20th Anniversary Event of Thai Women’s Association in Hong Kong 16/10/2015
Taiwan Labour Office Reports ‘Unemployment Rates Decreased to 3.9 Percent in August 2015’ 15/10/2015
Labour Office in South Korea Arranges Labour Relations Activities 21/08/2015