Ministry of Labour Organizes Skills Assessment Expo for “Building Electrician” License

Saturday, 20 August 2016

            The Ministry of Labour arranged the ‘building electrician’ skills assessment expo, providing licenses to successors. The Labour Minister emphasized the importance of safety quality, particularly in professions which pose risks of danger to the public. 



            Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul spoke as the chairman of the opening ceremony for the national skills assessment expo and certification for building electrician professionals for 2016. The event took place at the Peach Conference Room at the Royal Cliff Hotel Group in Pattaya. In his address, he commended the collaboration from all parties, comprising the public, private and social sector, working together to drive the government’s policies, by using civil state mechanisms to enhance competitiveness and skills development to reach national skills standards. He said that building electricians must possess knowledge to perform duties at standards, as the type of work can pose dangers and losses to the lives and assets of the people if a short circuit were to occurr. The Ministry of Labour thus announced for the profession of building electricians to be the first to gain certification, which is a measure taken as part of the Safety Thailand project, an integrative effort between 6 ministries. This will be increased to 10 ministries within 2018, so that Thailand can be safe and livable.

            The Labour Minister further explained that the Ministry of Labour by the Department of Skills Development formulated the Skills Development Promotion Act (second edition) B.E. 2557 to monitor, improve and enhance worker skill standards in dangerous professions and ensure standards to protect the public, by issuing certification of licenses to people with such professions. This has started with building electricians first, and will be effective this 26th October.  The national skills assessment expo and certification of knowledge for building electricians for 2016, was a collaboration between the Ministry of Labour and the Thai Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Association, to publicize the act and share national skill standards to relevant organizations, staff and the general public. The event provided essential information on processes and a complete set of knowledge on the issue. In addition to this, a seminar on “Dangers of Building Electricians Requiring Knowledge Evaluation” was organized to create an understanding about the Act amongst those working with electrical systems in industrial estates in the Western region too. 

            The Department of Skills Development’s Director-General Mr. Kreeta Sopchoak stated that in the past, there has been publicity efforts for building electricians to get certified at the level 1 capacity. A total of 36,927 building electricians have already passed the certification and obtained licenses from the assessment center, whereas a total 1,000 assessors have already been prepared. The assessment criteria includes the workers’ working history, experience and attitude, to which all workers must obtain over 85 percent in scoring to get the 3-year license. The electricians must then get assessed 90 days before the license expires. From the event, 662 people have gained licenses. Those who haven’t yet taken the assessment are urged to quickly do so as the act will take effect on the 26th October. For more information, call 0-2245-1707 during government working hours, or access the website at



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20 August 2016