Permanent Secretary Joins ILO Meeting on Gender Equality

Saturday, 18 March 2017

    On 17 March 2017, Permanent Secretary of Labour M.L. Puntrik Smiti joined the International Labour Organization’s 329th session of the Governing Body in Geneva, on agenda GB.329/POL/2 which discussed transitioning from the informal to the formal economy. In her statement, she said, “Thailand congratulates the ILO on its successes and progression which has facilitated the transition from informal to formal economy in many nations throughout the world. We have consistently supported efforts to amend the working framework on policy and legislation which will emphasize organizational capability within the tripartite framework. We believe that emphasis should be given to social negotiation so that the voices of the people and all stakeholders are heard. The Thai economy relies heavily on informal workers and we are looking to improve occupational stability, social security and living measures for all workers. Over the past few years, we have improved legislation and regulations on protection of labour to better protection of agriculturists and household workers. We have also provided financial support to household workers and organized activities to develop their skills to keep up with the changing professional world.



         The Permanent Secretary of Labour continued, “The National Informal Worker Management Committee chaired by the Prime Minister, is a guarantee that important policies are supported and approved by the nation’s leaders. The transition of an informal to formal economy is an essential tool to reached the 8th target of the 2030 agenda on the United Nation’s sustainable development, which till promote economic growth and valuable employment to all. Thailand would like all parties to consider necessity and the situation of the tripartite for effective operations and budget planning for the next 2 years.”
Bureau of Public Relations
18 March 2017