Ministry of Labor revealed! Thailand secretly smuggled to South Korea

Thursday, 05 April 2018

           Mr. Anurak Tossarat, Director-General of the Department of Employment The Ministry of Labor said in March that it had halted 159 delinquent jobseekers, most of them working in South Korea, 116, 58 men and 58 women. It came down to Bahrain, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates and Czech Republic. While there are 7,120 Thai workers traveling to work and internship abroad through the Suvarnabhumi, of the 3,316 people in Taiwan, followed by Israel 735, South Korea 606, Japan 370. The suspected cause of the trip was the stealing of workers and the recognition that they were working abroad. Such groups are often tricked or persuaded by online groups such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., which are popular nowadays or solicitations from friends in the same village that had escaped before. It would be good to have a good income, such as agriculture, industrial work, massage, spa services, etc., so people find the job. They will use a tourist visa to travel to work and when it comes to no job to do or not according to the propaganda, have to hide in the dreadful, dare to inform the official because it is illegal. Some were arrested or some sick to death as in the news.

          Me. Anurak warned that going to work abroad must go legally, have a work permit, have a contracted employment contract certified by government agencies of both countries, check the employment contract. It also includes basic information such as laws, regulations and customs of the destination country. You can check the information or report the complaint at the provincial employment office in all provinces. Bangkok Employment Agency, Area 1-10, or Central Recruitment and Job Seeking Division Call the Department of Employment at 0-2248-2278 or call the Ministry of Labor.