Gen. Adul holds good before Songkran, let the government water the blessing and clean up the Ministry

Thursday, 05 April 2018

          Today (5 April 2018) H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor celebrated Songkran Festival in the year 2018 under the "festive Songkran clean up The Ministry of Labor” by Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor with senior management, government officials and officials in all departments under the Ministry of Labor watered "Buddha Suthi Dharmbopit" and watering the Minister of Labor at the meeting room, 5th Floor, Ministry of Labor. The Ministry of Labor has been providing water for many consecutive years to express gratitude to benefactors. The blessing is to bless yourself and celebrate the good culture of Thailand as well.


          Then, the Minister of Labor presided over the opening of the cleaning and renovation activities in the area around the Ministry of Labor (Big Cleaning Day) at the grounds of the Buddha Sutthabhabhon. The Ministry of Labor said the Ministry of Labor is the home of all officials and authorities, so cleaning activities improve the landscape today to give employers, employees and the general public access to the service from the Ministry of Labor impressed. It also combines the power of unity of all personnel under the Ministry of Labor. This is the beginning of the unity of all people. In particular, the unity between the management and all personnel in the participation will be a major force in driving the Ministry of Labor's policies to achieve and benefit employers, employees, and the general public. This is what the organization must realize and to develop to be sustainable.