"Gen. Adul" ordered to solve the problem of fisheries shortage and import MOU over 40 thousand people

Friday, 11 May 2018

           Today (May 11, 2018) H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor, chaired the Subcommittee on Illegal Trafficking and Illegal Workers' The Ministry of Labor said today is a follow-up meeting to monitor key performance issues from relevant agencies, especially the major progress on the solution. The problem of shortage of labor in fisheries is based on the proposal of the Fisheries Association of Thailand. The Ministry of Labor is urged to use Section 83 of the Fisheries Decree. The meeting approved the Department of Employment, Support, Promotion, Facilitation to import fishery labor under the MOU by improving the import and export of foreign workers easier, faster and more convenient to solve the problem of over 40,000 fishermen and prepare clear guidelines. It also creates awareness for employers in addition. The Board of Directors has approved and approved the Global Supply Chain Plan to comply with the International Labor Standards Contribute to sustainable development.
           Gen. Adul said the meeting also discussed the progress that the government has put in place. This will affect the resolution of human trafficking and illegal work, such as the registration and issuance of work permits of the OSS. The use of iris data to exploit the work of aliens. Currently, the Ministry of Labor has organized more than 800,000 migrant workers out of 1,320,000 targets, and will expedite the rest to be completed by June, along with a review of PIPO's inspection and prosecution procedures of the traffickers.
            For the drafting of the Prevention and Suppression of forced labor Act BE .... and the ratification of ILO Protocol No. 29 on forced labor. With the approval of the Cabinet on May 1, the bill said the draft law is currently being drafted by the Office of the Council of State before being proposed to the National Legislative Assembly and to publish in the Government Gazette and for the ratification of the Protocol on Supplementary Labor Convention No. 29 on forced labor. The National Legislative Assembly will consider this on May 25. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will then issue a Memorandum of Understanding and the Minister of Labor will submit the Protocol under ILO Convention No. 29 on forced labor in Geneva, Switzerland in early June.