"Gen. Adul" gave pineapples to the people in Flat Din Daeng to help farmers in accordance with the state.

Monday, 02 July 2018

          On July 1, 2018, H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor, together with Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark, Permanent Secretary of Labor and senior executives from the Ministry of Labor in the Din Daeng area to give pineapples to the people in the community at Din Daeng Sports Stadium at Flat 51 - 53 Soi Prachatai 11, Dindaeng District, Bangkok, with Mr. Daranai Insawang, Deputy Governor of the National Housing Authority, Mr. Wichan Kiawkaew, Chairman of Din Daeng Community 2, and the flat people more than 250 people attended the reception. The Minister of Labor said that the case of pineapple growers in many provinces is experiencing a price depression because there are a lot of output to market. The Ministry of Labor has joined forces. Colonel Dr. Pongsak Tangkana, president of the Mental Foundation and Okmass Co., Ltd. buy pineapple 20,000 to help pineapple growers. In the province of Lampang and Chiang Rai over 20 tons to be distributed to government officials, Ministry of Labor, the people in the district of Din Daeng. The Ministry of Labor is also distributing to agencies that support the operation of the Ministry of Labor as well, such as the police station of Din Daeng, Pibulsong Prayan School, and Muhayeereen Mosque.

         General Adulad added that the area to give pineapple to the people of Din Daeng today is in line with the policy of the government under the leadership of General Prayut Chayo Ocha Prime Minister he spoke in various forums. "No one left behind," the Ministry of Labor joined the Mental Foundation and Okmass Co., Ltd. to buy pineapples from pineapple growers with low price to distribute to help alleviate the suffering of farmers. We believe that if we cooperate, we can help farmers. It will be supported by government policies that do not leave anyone behind. The Ministry of Labor is aware of the impact of falling pineapple prices and overcapacity. This affects the employment rate of the agricultural sector.
         "Thank you to the people of Din Daeng community for always supporting the Ministry of Labor. The price of pineapples and overproduction has not affected the agricultural sector. It also affects the labor sector and the overall economy of the country is very much to raise the country to Thailand. 4.0 for all people to eat well and ready to drive the country together without leaving anyone behind, " Gen. Adul. said in the end.