"Gen. Prawit" discusses the draft 60-64 strategic plan to improve the quality of life informal workers.

Thursday, 05 July 2018

            “Today (Jul 5, 2018) at 10.30 pm, General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense presided over the meeting of the National Informal Labor Management Committee, 5th floor, Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, The Minister of Labor, H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor, Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor, and the Ministry of Labor. The important agenda of the meeting today. The National Informal Labor Management Committee will consider the drafting of a Strategic Plan for the Management of Informal Labor (BE 2560-2564) and the Informal Labor Conference This will be held during September to provide 21.4 million informal workers with benefits under labor law. Raise awareness of the rights of services provided by the state. Increase your chances of getting a job and create a share in creating a good quality of life together including the Ministry of Labor, will present the results of the year 2017 and progress reports on the program to increase the potential of low income registered state benefits. "To build a career, increase income and stability in life." According to measures to improve the quality of life, the state welfare card. Of the Ministry of Finance. Under the "Sustainable Thai" program of the Ministry of Interior. 
            Gen Adul said that the government, under the leadership of Gen. Prayut Chun-ocha, Prime Minister paid attention to informal labor through various policies: 1. Promote career opportunities and stable income, access to the labor market, including disadvantaged women and migrant workers, is legal and the quality of work. 2. Develop social protection system, savings system and community welfare system to be more secure and sustainable. 3. Promote vocational education and community college education to create skilled labor force and 4. Ensure that workers join the benefits of the labor law to ensure fairness, reduce social inequalities, and give priority to increasing access to basic social services from the public sector.
            The Ministry of Labor has coordinated with relevant agencies such as Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Public Health, Bangkok, Foundation for Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI), private sector, civil society, and the public, to The draft Strategic Plan for the Management of Informal Workers, BE 2560 - 2564, and the Action Plan under the draft Strategic Plan were developed under the changing circumstances of the present era to serve as a framework for action, promote, protect, and develop informal workforce, the largest labor force in the country. Workers who are not covered by Labor Protection Law Section 33 (Being an employee with an employer) and most of them have low incomes to secure income and social protection thoroughly. This leads to a better quality of life.
           "Informal labor management now, the government has tried to raise the level of legitimate benefits to improve the quality of life in informal work, " General Prawit emphasized.