“Gen. Adul” Gives Press Conference on 9th National Handicraft Competition for People with Disabilities

Friday, 07 December 2018

            The Labour Minister gave a press conference on the 9th National Handicraft Competition for People with Disabilities to promote and encourage people with disabilities to develop professional skills. The competition is also an opportunity for the disabled to showcase their talent and for society to see their value, provide career opportunities and upgrade the standard of handicrafts to international standards.



             On December 7, 2018, Labour Minister H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo chaired the press conference on the 9th National Handicraft Competition for People with Disabilities at the Ministry of Labour’s foyer on the 10th floor, Department of Skill Development building. The Labour Minister said that on April 20, 2004, the Cabinet approved for the Ministry of Labour to be the central unit and organization involved with the disabled and to hose national skills competitions for the disabled every two years. The Ministry of Labour has already organized eight competitions and in 2019 will host the 9th National Handicraft Competition between April 24-26, 2019 at Building 6, IMPACT Arena, Muang Thong Thani, Pakkret, Nonthaburi. The competition is currently undergoing applications and will close on January 18, 2019. Over 200 participants are expected to compete in the competition which will have 20 categories within four professional groups including crafts, communication technology, industry and services.
             Pol.Gen. Adul explained that the competition was organized to promote and encourage people with disabilities to develop career skills and to provide opportunities for disabled people to showcase their talents for society to see and recognize their value and offer career opportunities. The competition also aims to raise the standard of disabled peoples’ skills at international levels. There is also the International Handicraft Competition for People with Disabilities every four years, whereby the last competition (9th time) was in Bordeaux, France, from March 22-28, 2017. Thailand participated in 11 categories (12 contestants) and won one gold medal from crafts out of recycled materials and won another three silver medals and four bronze medals. The initiative is in accordance to the 20-year national strategy on competitiveness, human resource development, creating opportunities and social equality and the Ministry of Labour’s emergency policy on enhancing the quality of work, promoting employment and improving the quality of life for the disabled.
             The competition categories can help motivate people with disabilities to develop their skills in the workforce and support the expansion of the economy and future industries such as industrial design with computer programs, architectural construction design with computer programs, computer assembly and the assembly of electronic circuits for example. The Ministry of Labour has used a civil mechanisms approach to gather cooperation from over 100 agencies such as educational institutions, the public and private sector and organizations involved with the disabled, to participate in the competition. The participants comprise 73 networks relevant to people, 27 educational institutions, eight government agencies and 22 organizations from the private sector.
             “The Ministry of Labour, as the organizer of the event, is hopeful that this competition will enable society to realize the importance of promoting the potentials of the disabled and that the organizations involved are going to take part in pushing people with disabilities to develop their potentials. This is especially in terms of skills to create career opportunities, earn a living, be independent, self-reliant and have a better quality of life. The winner will receive a medal, certificate and cash prizes; this is just one part of it. Most importantly is the pride in being able to showcase potential and is an example of effort and patience which can encourage people who may be discouraged, to get up and fight on with life,” concluded Pol.Gen. Adul.



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News by Nattaporn Chuean-iam/
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7 December 2018/