Thailand-ILO Celebrate ILO’s 100th Anniversary and Launch Inaugural of National Plan on Valuable Work

Thursday, 11 April 2019

            The Labour Minister commenced a live event to celebrate the ILO’s 100th anniversary, in which Thailand is 1 of 24 member countries honoured to participate in live events via the Ministry of Labour and ILO’s Facebook. The relationships between Thailand and the ILO was promoted by signing a Memorandum of Understanding to drive the national plan for valuable work, to raise the quality of life of workers.



            On April 11, 2019, Labour Minister, H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo chaired the commencement of a live event to celebrate the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) 100th anniversary at the Jompol P. Pibulsongkram Conference Room, 5th Floor, Ministry of Labour. He said that Thailand is 1 of 42 member countries that established the ILO as a result of signing the Treaty of Versailles following the royal command of His Majesty the King, Maha Vajiravudh King Rama VI in 1919. Over the past 100 years, Thailand has maintained strong relations and has been a close partner in the development of labour issues with the ILO, promoting social justice, raising the quality of life of workers and promoting social dialogue. Thailand is 1 of 24 ILO member countries that have been honoured to participate in the live broadcast event celebrating the 100th anniversary via the Ministry of Labour and ILO’s Facebook.

            Pol.Gen. Adul said that this event aims to show the good relationship and close cooperation with the ILO In promoting social justice, the quality of life of workers, social dialogue to raise labour standards and create valuable work by driving strong cooperation. The event’s activities included a congratulatory speech from Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-ocha, the publish of a 100-year history book of Thai and ILO relations and commemorative postage stamps for sale. The highlight of the event was the launch of the Decent Work Country Program (DWCP), which is the first plan in Thailand. An MOU signing ceremony will be arranged between representatives of the Ministry of Labour, employer organizations, employee organizations and the ILO.

            Over the past 4 years, the Minister of Labour has 4 ILO conventions, namely 1) Convention No. 187 concerning the Framework for Promoting Occupational Safety and Health Operations, 2006 2) Convention No. 111 concerning Discrimination in Employment and Occupation, 1958 3) Convention No. 29 concerning Forced or Compulsory Labour, 1930 and 4) Convention No. 29 concerning Forced or Compulsory Labour, 1930. Additionally, there have been joint projects such as the ship to shore rights project, the rights and opportunities for foreign migrant workers in ASEAN project, the project on the promotion and protection of migrant workers’ rights, the sustainable supply chain development project in Asia and the survey of the work of children in Thailand, 2018.

            The Labour Minister thanked all sectors that helped support the event, especially the ILO and tripartite alliances, employers and employees which will be an important force in driving the implementation of the national plan for valuable work. He also thanked the viewers watching via Facebook around the world which were part of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the ILO and co-developing workers for the sustainable future.


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11 April 2019/