“Labour Minister’s Assistant” Meets Thai Workers in Singapore to Expand Labour Market and Upgrade Skills

Monday, 29 April 2019

          The “Labour Minister’s Assistant” met with Thai workers at the Singapore Office of Labour Affair’s labour service center, in hopes to expand the labour market and develop the skills of Thai workers to advanced technicians, equivalent to supervisory levels. 



          On April 28, 2019, the Labour Minister’s Assistant, General Amnat Anartngarm, the Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General, Mr. Somsak Apiwantakul and committee, visited Thai workers at the labour service center of the Office of Labour Affairs in Singapore. There are 20,000 Thai workers working in Singapore at current, mostly in the construction sector, followed by the manufacturing and maintenance ships sector and agricultural sector, respectively. The workers hold a work permit whereas in the services and other industries, workers will hold an S Pass or Employment Pass.
          Employment of Thai workers in Singapore at present found that industrial changes increased the productivity of production by using technology and innovation to reduce labour intensiveness but increase the efficiency of labour instead. Thai workers, therefore, need to continually develop themselves from primary craftsmen to advanced craftsmen, to supervisory levels.
          On this occasion, Pol.Gen. Amnat met and gave testimony to 30 labour volunteers and workers' representatives, whereby at present, Singapore has 131 labour volunteers. He then visited Thai workers resting at Thai restaurants in the Golden Mild Complex, which is a central meeting point for Thai people in Singapore.


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28 April 2019/