MOL Launches Bangkok Labour Volunteer Workshop to Drive Missions to Local Communities

Monday, 29 April 2019

            On April 29, 2019, at 09.30 hours, Permanent Secretary of Labour Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark assigned the Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General Mr. Tosapol Kritawongwiman, to chair the opening of a workshop to increase labour volunteers’ efficiency in the Bangkok area, at The Palazzo Hotel, Bangkok.


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            The Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General, Mr. Todsaphon Kritwongwiman said that the Ministry of Labour established the Bangkok labour volunteer group in 2018 under the Ministry of Labour’s Regulations on Labour Volunteers, B.E. 2548. Currently, there are 953 labour volunteers in Bangkok, consisting of 253 from the first batch, 300 from the second batch and 400 from the third batch. Their responsibilities are to: 1) Disseminate information on labour 2) Coordinate the implementation of work on labour between the Ministry of Labour and people in local areas 3) Promote the prevention labour issues at the local level 4) Store labour information, and 5) Other duties assigned by the Ministry of Labour.
Therefore, to allow labour volunteers who are of the Ministry of Labour’s representatives at the local level to be a network mechanism to drive the ministry’s missions of into the communities of Bangkok, the ministry sees that the work of labour volunteers must lay the foundation of labour knowledge so that the volunteers’ work on labour reaches target groups in the community and the area. It also opened a platform for the volunteer work coordinators of all departments and Social Security Offices, president of the Bangkok labour volunteer group and regional levels to learn and respond to the labour strategy.

            The workshop program aimed to increase labour volunteer efficiency in the Bangkok area with the following four important objectives: 1) To lay the foundation for knowledge on the Ministry of Labour’s missions and policies to labour volunteers 2) For labour volunteers to get to know coordinators from each department and the Social Security Offices 3) To allow labour volunteers to be the go-to people for local communities and 4) For labour volunteers to be part in driving the mission of the Ministry of Labour that aims to reduce disparity and unacceptable employment.

            The workshop had 480 participants, consisting of labour volunteers in the Bangkok area, coordinators for all volunteer work from all departments and Social Security Offices, speakers, officers, staff and honored guests from the Bangkok Labour Protection and Welfare Office Area 1-10, Bangkok Employment Office Area 1-10, Bangkok Social Security Office Area 1-12 and Skill Development Institute 13 in Bangkok.




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29 April 2019/