“Pol.Gen. Adul” Leads MOL Team to Sign MOU on Promotion of Supplementary Careers for Police and Families

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

           The Labour Minister signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on the promotion of police officers and families to supplement their occupations, with a pilot on a barber course. The target is for 1,540 people to join the training nationwide. The initiative is an integration to develop skills for police officers and families to spend their free time from work, to find supplementing careers to reduce expenses, increase income and self-sufficiency, following the principle of a sufficient economy.



         On April 29, 2019, Labour Minister, H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo presided over the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Cooperation for the promotion of police officers and families to supplement their occupation at the Jompol P. Pibulsongkram Meeting Room, 5th floor, Ministry of Labour. He said that the Ministry of Labour has the policy to promote people to have the knowledge, ability and skills in occupations in line with the needs of the labour market, which will be an essential part of national development in terms of trade, investment, the economy and society. The Department of Skills Development was thus assigned to create a network with government agencies, private institutions and educational institutions to implement the 3A urgent policy of the Ministry of Labour, especially in upskilling workers to become super workers.
         Pol.Gen. Adul said that the signing of this Memorandum of Cooperation is intended to integrate joint missions between the Department of Skill Development and the Royal Thai Police to develop police officers and families in supplementary occupations. In 2019, the pilot training course for barber courses has a target of 1,540 people covering all 77 provinces nationwide, by collaborating to develop skills for police officers and families to have the knowledge, professional ability and spend free time from work doing supplementary careers to reduce expenses, increase their income and generate income for the family. The initiative also aims to improve the quality of life and self-sufficiency, following the principles of a sufficient economy.
         Additional vocational training will be extended, such as repairing electrical home appliances, leather bag making, tie-dyeing and pattern printing on glass for example. Furthermore, the event had 11 demonstrations of additional occupational training, such as the decoration of Thai fabrics, ribbon embroidery, making chairs out of tires, making decoupage from fabric and haircut demonstrations by Chalachol Beauty School, as a guideline for a career.



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29 April 2019/