Labour Minister Reports 20 Crew Members in 2nd Vessel in Somalia has 14 People Wanting to Return Home and Remainder to Stay in Iran

Monday, 19 August 2019

         The Labour Minister revealed that 20 Thai fishing crew members in Somalia, in the vessel named Vadani 2, have now got off the boat and confirmed that everyone is safe. The Labour Ambassador met with 14 sailors wishing to return to Thailand; the remaining 6 will work with Mr. Sharif in Iran.



         On August 19, 2019, Labour Minister M.R. Chatumongol Sonakul spoke about the progress of helping Thai workers in Somalia. He said that the Vadani 2 vessel had 20 Thai crew members onboard, consisting of 6 people from Buriram, 3 people from Ranong, and 2 people from Samut Sakhon, Surin and Nakhon Phanom each; the remainder is from Chaiyaphum, Sakon Nakhon, Ubon Ratchathani, Nong Khai, and Uthai Thani. Minister Counsellor (on labour) from Abu Dhabi, UAE, Ms. Sopit Mhudpongtua acknowledged that all Thai workers in Somalia have now been rescued and all aboard and are currently in coordination to return to Thailand. On August 17-18, Minister Counsellor on labour met with Thai crew members in Banda Abbas, Iran, and informed the crew of the concerns of the Thai government and the Ministry of Labour. She spoke with all 20 people, whereby 7 people are members of the fun. Minister Counsellor acknowledged the problems and needs of the crew and negotiated a suitable conclusion together. The discussions found that the Iranian employer Mr. Sharif and son, Mr. Armil, are not causing problems for the crew, as concerned by many. Mr. Sharif and family came to help relieve the suffering of the team, from being very familiar with the crew members.
         M.R. Chatumongol further said that 14 Thai crew members reported their desire to return to Thailand again with 6 people wishing to work with Mr. Sharif in Iran. The 14 Thai crew members will be assisted by Mr. Sharif to pay the visa fee and provide 1-month advance payment in August to cover the plane ticket to Thailand, traveling from Banda Abbas, Tehran, to Bangkok. The amount will also cover personal expenses during travel and costs to return home.
The Minister Counsellor on labour gave Thai dried food such as instant noodles, canned fish, sticky rice, fermented fish, as well as relevant labour information documents to the Thai crew, to share knowledge and understanding of various matters including the fund matters to boost morale too.
         As soon as the crew returns to Thailand, the Ministry of Labor will arrange a car to pick them up at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Officials at the immigration point will facilitate the crew to the Ministry of Labour to file a complaint against embezzlement and apply for help from the fund assisting job seekers to find work abroad. Fund members will be supported following the fund regulations to help job seekers work abroad including transportation (overseas), accommodation, food, medical expenses and other necessary expenses on actual payment, not exceeding 30,000 Baht.


Division of Public Relations/
News by Chaninthorn Phettab/
Photos by Sompob Silbut/
19 August 2019