Agreement on employment of Thai workers in Qatar becomes effective

Thursday, 20 March 2014


ไทย-กาตาร์ แลกเปลี่ยนสัตยาบันสารความตกลงว่าด้วยการจ้างแรงงานไทยในรัฐกาตาร์         

Thailand and Qatar have exchanged instruments of ratification of an agreement on employment of Thai workers, which becomes effective immediately. The signing ceremony is held at The Sukosol Hotel in Bangkok.






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Mr. Jirasak Sugandhajati, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Labour, said Thailand and Qatar have cooperated on labour matter for more than 20 years, which has consequently posed positive impact on economies of the two countries.


On behalf of the Thai government, he is delighted that Thailand and Qatar successfully signed the agreement on May 15, 2012 and exchanged the instruments of ratification of the agreement, which has become effective from now on.


Mr. Jirasak said the agreement would improve processes to send Thai workers and to receive them in Qatar. It would also help Thai workers and employers in Qatar better understand employment conditions, which would help reduce labour dispute and improve workers’ performance while Thai workers would receive protection in according to employment conditions and Qatari laws.


Mr. Jirasak said there would also be a mechanism for the two countries to discuss operations under the agreement and to consider employment opportunities for Thai workers under Qatari development plan, which would help strengthen labour relations between the two countries.


As a developing country, Qatar has high demand for workers, particularly in refinery industry. At a refinery factory, wage for a worker is 550 US dollar and for an engineer is at 1,800 US dollar. Following the exchange of instruments of ratification of the agreement on employment of Thai workers, the Thai Ministry of Labour plans to open skill standard test to find Thai workers with skills needed in Qatar. Joint panels will also be set up to address the employment problem. Demand for Thai workers in Qatar is at 3,000-4,000.


H.A. Jabor bin Ali al-Dosari, Qatar’s Ambassador to Thailand, said he is pleased to witness the exchange of instruments of ratification of the agreement on employment of Thai workers, which he thinks is important to bilateral cooperation between the two countries. On behalf of the Qatari government, he would like to praise efforts of the labour ministries of the two countries in realizing this agreement. He would like to invite Thai workers to work in Qatar.


The agreement on employment of Thai workers is a general cooperative deal with objectives to promote employment of Thai workers in Qatar, to ensure Thai workers receive same protection as local workers and to facilitate employment of Thai workers. It outlines operational framework and duties of both sides, including for example, steps for Qatari authorities to notify labour demand and to return Thai workers, steps for Thai authorities to facilitate application and to send workers to Qatar, and responsibilities of employers of Thai workers.


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Kantipon Kusmith News/Photos