MOL Meets with Advisory Council for 18th National Labour Development Board

25 เมษายน 2019

            On April 25, 2019, at 09.30 hours, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour, Mr. Suradej Waleeittikul, M.D., met with the Advisory Council for the 18th National Labour Development Board, No. 4/2019 (No. 12). The meeting discussed the research outline on the policy and guidelines for labour development, driving the economy for the future, to study the overall labour market in the future and the need for labor in various professional fields. The research will be both in terms of quantitative data and skills that different economic sectors want to study for the future labour situation of the industry and professions that may diminish from advanced technology to be used in planning skills development to bring back into the labour market in the form and type of work that is appropriate for the age – skills. The research will study the context of increasing labour potential to meet the needs under the new economy in terms of number, basic knowledge and expertise related to curriculum improvement in various fields of study, to meet the needs of the labour market in the future and form policy recommendations to lay the foundation of national labour development in the short, medium and long term, to propel the country's economy in the future. The meeting took place at Prasong Rananant Conference Room, 5th floor, Ministry of Labour.


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