“Pol.Gen. Adul” Joins with JS100 in Press Conference on “SOS to Help Workers” Application Launch

30 เมษายน 2019

          The Labour Minister joined hands with JS100 radio station to announce the launch of the application "SOS to Help Workers" with modern technology that is convenient, fast and easy to use. The app will provide the 16 million insurers and 20 million informal workers access to assistance in promoting welfare and good quality of life for workers, which is a leading force in national development.



         On April 30, 2019, Labour Minister H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo alongside Khun Pey Malakul Na Ayutthaya, President of Pacific Group, the operator of JS100 radio station which is part of the Royal Thai Army group, presided over a press conference on the cooperation between the Ministry of Labour and the Royal Thai Army radio station JS100, to integrate participation in the activation of the JS100 application SOS function to help workers. The occasion took place at the Jompol P. Pibulsongkram Conference Room, 5th Floor, Ministry of Labour. JS100 is an application system which will be used to help 16 million insured persons and over 20 million informal workers, the leading force in national development, with the belief that the work of the Labour Minister in the modern era using various technologies including JS100 application SOS function and the work of JS100 in other areas can contribute to making the Ministry of Labour a reliable agency and help Thai workers quickly and more efficiently.
         "SOS to Help Workers" is a JS100 application, considered a new step by the Ministry of Labour in using technology to promote the welfare and quality of life of insurers and informal workers, with a system that is modern, easy to use, convenient and fast, reducing the reporting process. It can be relied on by the workforce and be a medium for cases, such as vocational training for employment, cases of unfair employment, physical harm or being tricked into working abroad. The function will be available to workers nationwide, accessible from May 1, 2019. For assistance in the event of an emergency, workers can call through the JS100 application 24 hours a day.


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News by Chaninthorn Phettab/
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30 April 2019/