Prime Minister Commences National Labour Day and Receives 10 Demands Affirming Government’s Care for All Workers

01 พฤษภาคม 2019

          The Prime Minister chaired the commencement of National Labour Day, where he gave a speech, met with workers and visited the exhibition at the Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japan) in Din Daeng. The Prime Minister received all 10 Labour Day demands and confirmed that the government intends to allow workers to have access to rights equally in terms of employment, skills and protection, ensuring workplace safety and social security.



          On May 1, 2019, Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha chaired the commencement of the National Labour Day 2019 at the West Sports Complex, Bangkok youth Center (Thai- Japan), and was welcomed by Labour Minister H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, officials, leaders of labour and workers. In the morning, the Labour Minister presided over the merit-making ceremony to monks on the occasion of National Labour Day at the Royal Thai Army Club on Vibhavadi Road. The procession line the processed with the orchestra honouring His Majesty the King, followed by the Ministry of Labour’s parade, led by the Labour Minister, the ministry’s officials and processions by 17 worker groups moving along Vibhavadi Road to Mitmaitri road, to the West 2 Sports Complex, Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japan), Din Daeng.
          Pol.Gen. Adul then summarized the progress of the mission according to the demands of the National Labour Day, reporting the event objectives. He said that from National Labour Day of 2018, the Ministry of Labour, with the cooperation of employee and employers' organizations have worked to raise the quality of life of workers and families to be stable and able to live with dignity. Important outcomes include labour rights protection, raising the quality of life and social security and improvement of laws comparable to international standards. President of the Thai Trade Union Congress Mr. Tawee Techathirawat as chairman of the National Labour Day 2019, submitted the 10 National Labour Day demands to the Prime Minister. The demands included 1) The government to ratify ILO Convention No. 87 and 98. 2) The government to accelerate the pilot of the Labour Relations Act, the amended version that has passed the public hearing, to enter into the parliamentary proceedings urgently. 3) The government to amend the Labour Protection Act B.E. 2541 3.1) Setting the retirement age of an employee at 60 years, and when an employee is 55 years of age and wishes to resign, for the employer to allow the resignation whereby the employee receives equal benefits as all retired employees and 3.2) For the Ministry of Labour to seek measures for companies with contractor employees to comply with the Labour Protection Act B.E. 2541 according to Section 11/1. 4) The government to reform social security matters as follows: 4.1) Adjust the base of pension payments starting at 5,000 Baht. 4.2) In the case of retirement and pensioners, when applying to be an insurer under Section 39, to have the right to continue receiving a pension and/or the insured who receives old age pension to retain the rights in 3 cases, namely medical treatment, disability and funeral expenses. 4.3) In cases that the insurer is terminated from Section 33 and continues to be insured under Section 39, for the calculation of the last 60 months wage as different compensation, to use the wage base from Section 33 4.4) Increase the benefits of medical treatment for insured persons under Section 40 as insured persons under Section 33 and Section 39 4.5) Extend the insured age from 15 - 60 years, to 15 - 70 years in order to align with the aging society. 4.6) Where the insured under section 40, to create incentives and to reduce the disparity, to include option 1 and option 2 as the same. 5) The government to combine the Compensation Fund and the Labour Safety Division and elevated to the Department of Labour Safety. 6) The government to accelerate the National Pension Fund Act into parliamentary scrutiny urgently, to be a fund of employees. 6.1) The government to encourage employee’s savings in the form of savings cooperatives in every establishment. 7) The government to issue laws to protect, promote and improve the quality of life for informal workers and have the right to set up organizations. 8) The government to provide welfare systems or a welfare fund for state enterprise employees, both still being employees and those who are no longer employees to receive no less than employees in the private sector from the social security system under Section 33 and Section 39. 9) The Ministry of Labour to comply with the Constitution 2017 under Section 74, whereby the State should provide a labour relations system where all parties involved can participate in and 10) The Labour Minister to appoint a working group to monitor progress on the demands of the National Labour Day 2019.
          The Prime Minister presided over the opening ceremony where he delivered a speech, met workers and visited the exhibition of agencies under the Ministry of Labour. He said that the National Labour Day is an important day for workers, who are the drivers of the country's economic growth. The government, therefore, aims for Thailand to become manufacturing industry 4.0, using advanced technology and innovation by developing the potential of workers to support these changes. In addition, the government intends for workers to have access to many rights equally in terms of employment, skill development, labour protection, workplace safety and social security. This year's claim is work that the government has already implemented and some are in the process, thus to ensure that the demands are considered concretely, the Ministry of Labour has been assigned as the leading agency for discussions with workers and related sectors and to consider setting the framework for practical guidelines to cover all dimensions. This year's National Labour Day events included sharing knowledge on labour law, health consultations, demonstrations of independent occupations, meeting with workers, quizzes for many prizes and concerts from famous artists, from 08.30 - 17.00 hours.



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