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Interesting news

Deputy Labour Minister Assigns Team to Nan to Develop Training in Digital Technology

MOL Public Relations Working Group Meets for 1/2020

MOL Meets to Drive and Improve Efficiency in Sustainable Resolution to Human Trafficking

Labour Minister Assigns Assistant to Trat to Drive MOL Policies

MOL Computer System Management and Procurement Committee Meets for 9/2020

Labour Minister Assigns Assistant to Trat to Observe Occupational Training in Souvenir Making

MOL and ETDA Create Quality Guides in the Digital Technology Age

EJF Meets Permanent Secretary of Labour to Discuss Official Matters

MOL Legislative Committee Meets

MOL Launches Workshop Promoting Creating Mindsets for Government Innovation in Labour

Labour Minister’s Assistant Meets with MOL Heads of Government Agencies in Chonburi

Labour Minister’s Assistant Commences Seminar for Third Class of Employers, Employees, Medical Staff and Social Security Officers