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MOL Meets on Big Rock Project to Develop Integrated National Manpower Management System

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          On January 13, 2021, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Mr. Niyom Songkaew, the Ministry of Labour’s executives, civil servants, staff, and representatives from all departments under the Ministry of Labour, met with Mr. Nakorn Silpa-archa, Chairman of the Institute of Professional Qualifications (Public Organization) at the Institute of Professional Qualifications (Public Organization). The meeting discussed the Big Rock project, the development of an integrated national manpower management system, database system, and manpower information linkage in line with the 13th National Reform Plan on culture, sports, labour, and human resource development. The Institute of Professional Qualifications (Public Organization) is the host agency with the Ministry of Labour as a joint operation organization. The discussions covered the Ministry of Labour’s database as an important factor in strengthening the complete E-Workforce Ecosystem, to be the potential to support the development of the country’s manpower as a whole.


Division of Public Relations
14 January 2020