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MOL Skills Development Board Meets

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            On June 23, 2021, at 13.30 hours, Permanent Secretary of Labour Mr. Suthi Sukosol chaired the Skills Development Board Meeting No. 4/2021. The meeting considered the request to certify labour skill standards of professionals under section 26 of the Skills Development Promotion Act B.E. 2545 (Office of Standards Development and Skill Testing), the request on approval to be certified as a professional organization of the Association for Personnel Development (Office of Knowledge Certification), and the request on approval to extend the time to set measures to help entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19 (Skills Promotion Division). In addition, the meeting sought approval to extend the deadline to apply the zero percent interest rate per year following the Notification of the Skills Development Board, regarding the loan limit and repayment to the Skill Development Fund (Skill Development Division) and requesting approval for a grace period for repayment of loan repayment from the Skills Development Fund, to help entrepreneurs who affected by the new wave COVID-19 outbreaks. The meeting took place at the Somchat Lekalawan Conference room, 10th floor, Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labour.


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