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Office of Labour Affairs in Malaysia invites illegal migrant workers to register according to amnesty plan commencing on 1 August, 2011.

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Malaysian government announces its amnesty plan for illegal migrant worker (6P) that designated those workers to register in asking for legalizing their status or returning to their countries of origin. In addition, the registration will commence on 1 August, 2011.

            Office of Labour Affairs in Malaysia would like to illustrate the provision of the registration according to the amnesty plan to legalize workers ‘status as provided below;

           1. The eligible workers to the registration such as workers who reside in Malaysia without working permit or those who overstay their visas.

           2. For those who prefer to work inside country, they must be employed by the authorized employers whose businesses are legally registered. In case of unemployment, workers could register by themselves at 36 immigration offices nationwide.

           3. Registration processes, employers must bring their employees to the places of registration in order to record their finger prints and to take photos. After registration, the documentary evidences of employers and workers must be presented and workers will receive their document as the evidences. (A4 sized document with workers’ photos).

           4. Working after the registration, workers are allowed to work with their employers at least 6 months without departing the country until the authorizations are granted or receiving the notices to leave the country.

           5. Condition to pursue a career in country, for those workers who wish to pursue their careers in country, the consideration depends upon the Malaysia Ministry of Interior’s decision. Additionally, the criteria bases on career fields/positions that are important to the economic development and could respond to the employers ‘needs. For the rest, they will be deported to the countries of origin and the government expects to complete the amnesty plan within December 2011.

          6. The commencement date, beginning on 1 August, 2011 within 2-week grace period.

         7. The location of registration, employers could bring their employees to register at 36 immigration offices nationwide without fees. However, employers could also bring their employees to register at 344 agencies authorized by the Ministry of Interior with 35-Ringgit fees (350 Baht) for leaving country, and 300-ringgit fees for work permit.

         8. Remark/Caution , In case of using the agency services
             8.1 The authorized agencies must present their official certification of appointment to provide registration services (Perakuan Pendaftaran Syarikat Pengurusan Pekerja Asing) by Malaysia’s Ministry of Interior.
             8.2 workers must present themselves at the locations of registration in order to fingerprint (10 fingers) and take photos, and on the same day, they will receive the document as evidences of registration.
             8.3 There must have 1 official of Malaysia’s Immigration Office on
 duty per each registration’s site in order to import data online.

             8.4 service fees should not be paid in advance before the registration, and if being told that workers do not have to register by themselves, it is assumed to a fraud. In this case, the scam shall be reported to the Office of Labour Affairs in Malaysia in order to inform the Malaysia’s government to proceed legal actions.
             8.5 Since there are many means of frauds caused by illegal agencies including the overcharges, if the employers register with the unauthorized agencies, the information relevant to the employment of illegal migrant workers will not be officially recorded which is equivalent to non registration. Therefore, employers and workers are requested to check the name list of agencies authorized by Malaysia’s Ministry of Interior though Ministry’s website ( or contact at the Office of Labour Affairs in Malaysia Tel. No. 03 2145 5868

       9.  Important aspect, after the grace period, Malaysia’s government will arrest those unregistered migrant workers and take the legal action with the utmost penalty by law.
Office of Labour Affairs in Malaysia would like to make public relations to Thai workers toward the above information relevant to registration steps according to the amnesty plan,  if you illegally work in Malaysia, you should inform the employer to bring you to register within the grace period in order to legalize your status which prevents you from going back to Thailand every month or working with the concern of  officials ‘captures.