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Office of Labour Affairs in Singapore arranged Football Cup For Labour 2011

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            Office of Labour Affairs in Singapore along with labour network in Singapore arranged the 11th “Football Cup For Labour” 2011 with an aim to support Thai workers working in Singapore to spend their free time in useful way by exercising for positive metal and physical health, being sportsmanlike and enhancing solidarity among Thai people.
      There were 14 football teams enters this year’s competition comprising of male VIP and female VIP sponsored by many companies and 22 football players of each team including coach and substitutions totaled 320 people. The first match run from 26 June 2011 consecutively on every Sunday totally 6 weeks. The final match was on 31 July 2011 totaled 27 matches including special match with totally 500 spectators. In final match, there were athlete, Thai workers and stuffs entered the competition at least 200 people per match in total with 1,500 spectators.