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Asian Migrants Coordinating Body seeks 4,000 HK monthly wage

Malaysia Labour Office Promotes Thai Jobs and Labour Market

Ministry of Economic Affairs call for revising foreign labour policy in order to help industries facing labour shortage

Labour Affairs of Royal Thai Embassy in Berlin delivered a donation to help flood-affected people in Southern Region of Thailand

Office of Labour Affiars in Malaysia visits Thai workers at the Penang Second Bridge Construction Site

Labour Section of the Royal Thai Embassy in Berlin holds a Quality of Life Promotion Program for Thai Holistic Health Promotion Therapists in Germany

Foreign care attendants in Taiwan only receive a wage of 47.3 TWD per hour

Labour Section of the Royal Thai Embassy in Tel-Aviv inspects Thai workers working in Banana Farms

Malaysia Labour Office Attends Training Certificate Presentation Ceremony at Giatmara Training Center

Taiwan Leader Pledges on Labour Day to Listen and Improve Working Conditions for Workers

Israel Labour Officials Visit Thai Workers in Seedling Cultivation for Export Business

Malaysia Labour Office Visits Thai Chefs in Penang