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Gen. Adul repeated! Thai Workers abroad do not worry, ordered the labor diplomats to closely supervise

Flats thanks the Minister of Labor for helping the Dindaeng Community Renewal Project

Ministry of Labor tested safety officer to work Safety Thailand

Prime Minister opened the International Anti-Corruption Day, said government accelerated litigation against corruption

Ministry of Labor organized merit making ceremony dedication to charity on December 5th.

Gen. Adul cooperated with 2 neighbors, organized a queue to confidently prove foreign nationality as scheduled

Gen. Adul ordered the Department of Employment provided students with a part-time job

The Ministry of Labor has organized the 18th National Labor Development

Gen. Adul prevents labor to be deceived

Ministry of Labor revealed! Traveling to South Korea most likely to work illegally

Deputy Minister of Labor checked the system of foreign nationality, focusing on ‘quick, easy, accurate’

Minister of Labor sacrificed the holy things of the Ministry of Labor on the occasion of the inauguration