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Interesting news

Labour Minister Commences Workplace Safety Training for Over 600 Safety Officers and Workers to Create Awareness

The Permanent Secretary of Labour Travels to Lampang to Visit informal Workers to Create Jobs, Careers and Develop Quality of Life

Labour Minister Visits Chiang Rai to Develop Logistics Workforce

MOL Joins 9 Government Agencies and Private Sector in an MOU on Cooperation for “Employment Promotion”

Labour Minister Observices Elderly Care Training Course to Support Business in the Aging Society

Labour Minister Visit Chiang Rai to Follow Up on the Labour Situation and Workforce Development to Drive the Economy and Tourism in the Upper Northern Region

Labour Minister Warns Employers of Heavy Penalties for Illegal Employment of Foreign Workers

Labour Minister’s Secretariat Joins Committee Meeting on the Implementation of Promotion for Education and Employment Opportunities for Students and Workers at All Levels

Labour Minister Assigns Advisor to Commence Training Program to Promote the Welfare of the Elderly and Improve Their Quality of Life After Retirement

Labour Minister Opens New Provincial Employment Office in Nakhon Pathom to Serve All Target Groups

MOL Office of the Permanent Secretary’s Annual Expenditure Budgeting Committee Meets

Labour Minister Joins PM’s Delegation to Ratchaburi Province to Visit the Khu Bua Weaving Group Community to Build Careers and Promote Cultural Tourism