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Standard management of HIV / AIDS in the workplace (ASO thailand)

Standard management of HIV / AIDS workplace activities 

        Standard management of HIV / AIDS workplace activities. Known than the standard ASO stands for AIDs-response Standard Organization standards, the assessment by the Association of Thai businesses Front Against AIDS (TBCA) and signed certified joint Director of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare. Ministry of Labor and the General Department of Disease Control Ministry of Health


       ASO is a standard tool that will help place the operations of HIV / AIDS prevention and resolution in the workplace, work activities effectively. Means the standard policies of workplace HIV / AIDS are the following.

        1. Promote non-discrimination policy to be reliable h of the HIV.
        2. Send herpes to be announced in the workplace policy on HIV / AIDS activities.
        3. Promote measures to maintain the confidentiality of employees on HIV / AIDS.
        4. Promote measures to assist employees who are infected with HIV.
        5. Promote the education on HIV / AIDS in the workplace affairs.
        6. Promote community participation and social protection and HIV / AIDS problem.


State policy on AIDS
        Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand Year 2540 focused protection of public freedoms and rights are directly protected the rights of HIV infection and the general public


        Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand Year 2540 Section 200 requires the Committee of National Human Rights has the authority to check and report the act or omission as a violation of human rights.
Committee of National Human Rights. Authorized retrieve documents or relevant evidence from any person or any person known to words. As well as other authorities to benefit the mission. The law as written



Policy on detection of HIV infection 
       • The inspection must be made. Lief of inspectors.
       • Before and after the inspection. Must provide information and advice. Preparing for the emotional heart.
       • test results must be confidential. During the inspection, and doctors who were.
       • Disclosure of test results to anyone. Must consent. Of detection was.