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Malaysia the language. Create employment opportunities

วันที่:  Feb 03, 2010 - Feb 07, 2010
สถานที่:  Training Room 3rd floor College of Labor
จังหวัด: Bangkok
เบอร์โทรศัพท์:  02-2541707 to 302

         Malay language or order listed in the local language called Bahasa Melayu is a language group that Australia and Petrochemicals Company as Financial. Speaking with Malaysia, the indigenous people of Peninsular Malaysia. South of Thailand. Singapore. And parts of Sumatra. The official language of Malaysia and Brunei and a 1 in 4 official languages of Singapore. It also is widely used in East Timor in the use of language in general. Considered the same. Communicate with each other or understand Indonesian. (Baton Haase Sarah Indonesia) as Indonesia's official language. Use different names but separate political reasons, however, when in different areas of language use, language preferences. Are different but not much. 

        Official standards of the Malayan. A joint agreement between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei that the Toshiba Re joke Sarah Haase (Bahasa Riau) is the standard language of the islands as a Marine kid. Etc., which constitute the origin of the Malayan long and the language of Malaysia. Has been used widely in the countries of Southeast Asia various countries.

        Enabling workers to travel to Thailand to work in these countries. Malaysia to develop language skills so that workers can compete with other nations. The College of Labor. Opened up training courses. "Malaysian language (Bahasa Malasia) to the general public interested in developing foreign language skills by training and knowledge will be able to practice language skills and 4 in the writing and speaking, listening to guest speakers in the native environment of a school. small group and friendly. Length of training 30 hours without charge. Started training between 3 - 7 February 2553 Time 9.00-16.00 am at the Training Room, 3rd floor College of Labor. 

        Course will benefit those who need training to increase language skills and creating employment opportunities for those who want to work abroad.