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Deputy Labour Minister Launches “Labour Sim” for Online Training in the New Year

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          The Deputy Labour minister launched an idea for the “labour sim,” provided to participants who join the Department of Skills Development’s training, providing the opportunity to explore the digital world. The sim is loaded with a package of 4 Mbps of internet, where the speed does not drop. National Telecom Public Company Limited is sponsoring the project.

          On April 5, 2021, Deputy Labour Minister Prof. Narumon Pinyosinwat reported that the Ministry of Labour’s Department of Skill Development (DSD) has continuously developed the nation’s workforce. There have been many achievements in the country’s economic development, moving Thailand towards the 4.0 era. The DSD has cooperated with National Telecom Public Company Limited to carry out the online skill development sim card project to support the government’s digital human resource development policy that focuses on developing working-age people in all walks of life, including government personnel and the private sector. The efforts promote such groups to have the ability to create and use digital technology intelligently in their careers. Human resource development in digital technology will further lead to the creation and employment of high-value jobs in the digital economy and society.

          Prof. Narumon added that the said sim card is a prepaid internet sim card with a 4 Mbps internet package without speed reduction (unlimited internet). Those who are entitled to use the sim card must be trained or are selected persons for training. Registration can be completed on the National Telecom Public Company Limited’s website, via the Department of Skills Developments website, available from March 15, 2021, onwards. Applicants must attach evidence, including a copy of their ID card, a photograph, certificate of training, or an email confirming the selection to receive the training. Payment must be made online. There is a service fee of 60 Baht for the first month (30 days), a sim card delivery fee of 30 Baht for a total of 90 Baht. Those who want to use the service in the following month will have a service fee of only 70 Baht per month. Those who have registered for online training with the Department of Skills Development will access the internet at an affordable price. It is also another channel for effective access to government services.

          “The DSD is aware and attaches importance to the continuous skill development of all labour groups. Specifically, during the past two rounds of the Covid-19 outbreaks, various courses have been developed, and models are adapted to suit the new normal. Participants can communicate or learn online via the internet quickly and easily. The efforts promote learning for self-development, supporting workers to have a wide range of skills and coping with the situations that arise. It is hoped that this sim card delivery will make the Ministry of Labour’s training programs more accessible,” concluded the Deputy Labour Minister.


Division of Public Relations
5 April 2021