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MOL Coordinations with Labour Volunteers in Beirut to Take Consumer Goods to Help Thai Workers

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          The Ministry of Labour’s spokesperson reported that the Ministry of Labour, by the Minister Counsellor (on Labour), in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), where the Labour Office in Riyadh oversees Thai workers in Lebanon joined Beirut labour volunteers in taking dry food to injured and affected Thai workers.

          Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Mrs. Thaenrat Nawamawat, as the Ministry of Labour’s spokesperson, revealed that she had received additional reports from Commander Lieutenant Vittawat Kuprasert, Minister Counselor (on Labour), in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), where the Labour Office in Riyadh oversees Thai workers in Lebanon. The reports updated the progress from the violent explosions in Beirut, Lebanon. As of August 7, many Thai workers in the inner Beirut region, who have suffered losses, are waiting for urgent assistance. This is especially for consumer products such as dry foods, where prices are rising rapidly, as some of the warehouses are damaged which may cause a shortage soon.

          Ms. Sirion Srivirut has a career as a massage therapist and hairdresser She is also an Overseas Labour Volunteer in Beirut, which serves as a network of labour volunteers to provide updates on the labour situation. She brought dry foods to Mr. Khomsan Kajornsombat, a jewelry craftsman and an Injured Thai worker who was hit by the door in the dormitory. The incident caused swelling in his legs and feet and his accommodation was damaged. Goods were also given to Mr. Panya Songyoo, staying together with him. Mr. Panya was blown 4 meters by the force of the explosion but was not wounded. There were only bruises on his body causing shoulder pain. Ms. Sirirorn said that from the purchase of dry food and essential products today, the price has doubled. In addition, several shops in Beirut had the interior damaged, therefore she had to buy the goods outside the city, whereby traveling back and forth was inconvenient as many roads are closed. Students and the public came out to help clean up the streets and there were announcements for people to be careful about their valuables. Furthermore, the general public is still paranoid that the explosion may occur again.

          The Labour Office in Riyadh also reported that the condition of houses and shops were severely damaged. At this time, Commander Lieutenant Vittawat has assigned Ms. Sirion Srivirut, an overseas labour volunteer acting as a network of volunteers provide labour information in Lebanon, to check how many workers are suffering from homelessness from damaged accommodations to the point of being unable to work. In this regard, they will be examined whether they are a member of the overseas jobseeker fund. If they are a member of the fund, urgent assistance will be continued to be provided, and guidance will be provided to Thai workers who are not members of the fund in the event that they are unable to work and have no income.

          Thai workers or relatives of Thai workers who have suffered and need help can contact the Minister Counselor (on Labour), at the Labour Office in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), and the overseas labour volunteers in Lebanon, by calling +966 11 4827977 and +966 11 4827689 or by email and


Division of Public Relations

8 August 2020