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MOL Meets on High-Level Conference On Human Resources Development for the Changing World of Work

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            On September 15, 2020, at 09.00 hours, Permanent Secretary of Labour Mr. Suthi Sukosol, assigned the Department of Skill Development, as the main coordinating unit from the ASEAN TVET Council, to attend the senior officials meeting to prepare for the High-Level Conference on Human Resources Development for the Changing World of Work, organized by Vietnam, as the ASEAN Chair in 2020. The participants were the ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN Senior Labour Officials (SLOM), ASEAN Senior Labour Officials for Education (SOM-ED), ASEAN Social and Cultural Community Council (SOCA), and external parties, for a total of 100 senior officials.

            The Department of Skill Development’s Director-General Mr. Vichai Piwsaard chaired the meeting as a Senior ASEAN Labour Officer (SLOM) from Thailand via video conference between 09.00-15.00 hours at the Prasong Rananant meeting room, 5th floor, Office of the Permanent Secretary of Labour. The meeting’s essence was to adopt a plan for the ASEAN Declaration on the Development of Human Resources for the Changing World of Work, at the Senior Official Level. The discussions covered preparations for the launch of the ASEAN TVET Council and open sessions with external parties and dialogue partners to seek cooperation in human resource development in areas of common interest in each country/organization.

            The meeting acknowledged that Thailand, by the Ministry of Labour, does not contend the endorsement of the plan for the ASEAN Declaration in principle and will seek approval from the Cabinet before further notifying the ASEAN Secretariat.


Division of Public Relations
15 September 2020