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MOL Meets on Prevention of Forced Labour and Human Trafficking

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          Today (May 27, 2020) at 09.30 hours, Permanent Secretary of Labour Mr. Suthi Sukosol chaired the second subcommittee meeting on Labour Prevention and Trafficking in 2020. Secretariat to the Labour Minister Lt. Gen. Nanthadet Meksawat, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Ms. Aumpun Thuvavit along with relevant departments also attended the meeting which took place at the Prasong Rananant meeting room, 5th floor, Ministry of Labour building.

          Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan’s visit and delivery of policy to the Ministry of Labour on May 1, 2020, where he had expressed concern about the foreign labour situation following the COVID-19 pandemic. He had ordered for the oversight and prevention of labour rights violations from occurring, especially with workers in the fishing sector. He requested that all sectors work closely and follow the news through various channels, especially from civil society. In March 2020, the Ministry of Labour coordinated with international organizations and civil society and found abuse of fishery workers in Somalia waters. The Ministry of Labour attached great importance to the said matter and worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help the workers return to Thailand and monitor their legal benefits regarding labor laws. This subcommittee has appointed a working group to oversee and monitor the prevention and solution of labour problems in the fishery sector. Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Ms. Aumpun Thuvavit will closely monitor this matter.

          The meeting today considered the (draft) report of the work under the Labour Screening in Fisheries Act B.E. 2562, which the meeting will consider and approve before proposing to the Cabinet for consideration in July, as scheduled.


Division of Public Relations
27 May 2020