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Social article

Of their insurance with confidence ... the standard treatment in hospital Social. 

Expanding social security to workers outside the system, all professions. 

Employer practice legally. Employees receive full benefits. 

Physical rehabilitation center workers Rayong "5 years to help social workers help create opportunities." 

Knowledge management actions to assist and resolve the unemployment of labor. 

Good quality of life after retirement with Social ... 

Counterfeit document fraud benefits both civil and criminal litigation of all cases. 

Employers inform employees ... sensitivity. (The insurance their) rights. 

... Medical services for their insurance. 

Social care ... even with the changes. 

Social co-campaign. "Milk a good mother". 

Social promote savings. 

Of their robust insurance ... remote drugs "program from good to wake Sps. conscious employers and insurance their employees. 

Economy this ... Sps. care how their insurance. 

Good quality of life of employees (who own insurance). 

Social security system (Social Security), one of Thailand's social welfare services. 

Sps. to release a new website with NEW ZONE. 

Sps. foreign investment earnings accumulated 367 million baht. 

Investment revenue Sps. reveal the first 3 months, 6,182 million baht. 

Sps. reveals 6 months revenue investment 12,960 million baht. 

Executive Summary of Social Security Fund as at 31 March 2552. 

Summary of economic investment in the year 2551 and outlook 2552. 

Songkran trip with ease ingrain the right certification card. 

Songkran trip to ease the social. 

2009 flu exercise was social. 

"The organization is relying on" the next step in providing Sps. aggressive.