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Training, spa hand created new career options, spa

วันที่:  Jan 19, 2010 - Jan 20, 2010
สถานที่: College of Labor. Department of Skill Development Mitramtri Rd.
จังหวัด: Bangkok
เบอร์โทรศัพท์: 022451707 to 321-322 in office hours.



            a business is now popular in both domestic and international. While the business is highly competitive. Technical services. While audiences often look for patterns of different services more. Training courses, spa hand is to raise employee skill level of Thai massage

and spa employees.

            This course is a skill upgrading courses for workers who have knowledge or experience in professional Thai spa massage. Or general interest to professionals and Spa. Must be aged 18 years to healthy body healthy. And not a psychological barrier to training. Apply online now to begin training this January 19-20.

            Training of a mobile spa. Aims to provide training knowledge. About health and safety in the hands of a spa. And to use materials in a spa hand and to keep certain way.

            Also aims to provide training knowledge and skills in a mobile spa to relax and maintain safe hands correctly.