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Workforce development plan

Workforce development plan in 2551 BC. 


Principles and reasons. 

             1. On to the workforce development plan 2550 and set out the strategy of operations 1 and 5 strategic projects important. Continue to see the direction the work of the Ministry of Labor in fiscal year 2550 is a clear and consistent with the concrete situation of the country. While it focused on creating conformity and to promote moral and ethical values of society and the higher effects of operations plan development workers 2550 have succeeded to achieve the goals set so. In fiscal year 2551 Department of Labor has workforce development plan to 2551 BC is the guidelines of operations such as last year. The development plan of Labor. The information about the labor situation. Economic situation affecting migrants and other circumstances related to the factors set the strategy of operations workforce in 2551. 

             2. The study of the impact of economic restructuring on workers of the Office of National Economic and Social Development. Introduction to the proposed Board of Adjustment of the business over time branch 1 / 2550 on August 8, 2550 indicates that the current situation in employment levels remain stable. The unemployment rate is still low, but workers are not qualified to meet the needs of industry are leveraging the value chain always. To compete in business. Reflecting labor demand is not just quantity. But quality is an important and knowledge. Skills and attitudes consistent with the restructuring of production. In the demand for labor. Associated for the governor's Office of National Statistics in 2549 found that the field of production is the most demanding field production and electronic appliances, followed by the field of textiles and clothing production. For lack of circumstances (means can not find workers to meet demand from 6 months) found that the field of manufacturing problems is most areas of food and animal feed and textile production areas and machines. apparel. The demand for workers with education workers found that high or lower. Demanding the highest (67.3 percent), followed by a degree or higher (17.4 percent) are the demand for labor Diploma or Diploma level (9.5 percent) and Pwch. level (percentage. 5.81 percent) for the labor shortage is a shortage of workers found that high or higher than the low (82.2 percent), followed by a level Pwch. workers (4.2 percent) are the high vocational certificate level workers. . or Diploma (2 percent) and bachelor's degree or higher (1.8 percent). 

             3. From the Ministry of Labor has hired Foundation Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) proceed to prepare a master plan in 2550-2554 BC workers who labor market analysis, assess the situation in 5 years is important, message. j concluded that during 2550-2554 the country's economy can absorb more workers every year, 37.0 million people each employment income areas also tend to like in the past is employment in agriculture decreased. respectively. The industry began experiencing number of employment decline. The reduction of employment distribution to nearly all branches of agricultural production and industry, but the field of employment. More obvious is the business services sector, particularly hotels and restaurants, and logistics, Inc. to maintain the employment level in this place. Depending on the results of the economic development of countries that can maintain the growth targets set out on or not. For predicting the supply of graduates for the year 2550-2554, using models of the Institute. Found that the future will have graduated high into the labor market less. Like Vocational and Vocational levels Pwch. of future trends is the increasing degree or higher in all areas of information infrastructure based employment and graduates in the future will look. The park is between the needs of various economic sectors to workers in primary and secondary growth has increased every year but the supply of labor in the lower back down, which will likely result in a shortage of workers with lower levels. sure. If the economy is not restructuring to use technology to replace workers in this class. Or adjustments to labor in higher education. 

             4. For other situations that affect the labor situation of importance include termination / closing affected by economic downturns. Because the political climate of investor confidence. The strengthening of the baht. Fluctuations in oil prices. Conditions of the industry bubble break the church of Hari. New property overseas. Economic slump the country's main trading partners of Thailand. And operating costs do not comply with the order quantity on price. And competition in product markets in and outside the country increased. Year with a number of locations at the natural disasters that occur, such as water, etc. and information about Integration drought unrest in the southern area of 3 provinces, enabling operators are not strong and can not adapt to the situation occur. Likely will not be able to proceed to the next. Many may have to reduce production capacity to the Capital paid or relocations of production. Which result in employee termination. Employee termination may be suffered unemployment. It is the burden that the Ministry of Labor must take care to help benefit compensation law provides for a new job. Including skills development, skills training or professional guidance. To run a new career. 

             5. Because the Ministry of Labor has paid heavy Gil important to maintain the life of the system of labor in approximately 10 million people and are expanding coverage to workers outside the system, approximately 23 million people also. mission to encourage more people not less than 4 million people to work or knowledge skills. Have the opportunity to work. Revenue up another. The Vocational Training Skill Development. Recruitment and career guidance available to students who want to change jobs or approximately 1 million people care workers to work in Thailand and 11 foreign countries for at least another 1 million people and older workers. Disabled workers also number one. With the ultimate goal. To have the lowest unemployment rate. Workers with good quality of life. Stability in employment. And make the workers the ability to enhance the competitiveness of the industry of the country. In addition to the problems of poverty, so set the strategy work in 2551 only covers the Department's mission said above. Also prepared to meet the problems from the switch. Portion of different situations and then with the. 

             6. In addition, the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand 2550 has several provisions related to the Section of Labor Management. Ministry of Labor must proceed to comply with such provisions of the Constitution. 

                 Section 38 of the criteria to mine workers do not live except by authority to the provisions of the law. Only for the benefit of protection has been a public disaster or emergency is based on authority to the provisions of the law. Which make mine in the country during the war or war conditions. Or during an announced emergency situations or to declare martial law. 

                 Article 44 shall be eligible for personal guarantees safety and welfare of work. As well as a promise to maintain life, both during work and when circumstances out of work. 

                 Section 52, the old people over sixty years of age and not enough income to be eligible for the provision of public assistance. 

                 Article 53 The disabled person or disability. Be eligible for benefits. Director of things. As a public convenience. And assistance from other states. 

                 Section 54 persons without housing and without adequate income would be eligible for assistance from other states. 

                 Article 57 shall have the right people involved in the review process of state officials. In practice the government or affect the administration may affect their rights and freedoms. 

                 Section 63 would have the freedom of people together in a cooperative group of farmers associations Union Confederation private organization or other group. 

                 Section 84 states must proceed to the economic policies of the following. 

                           (2) encourage the use of core moral and ethical core ESG governance. Along with the operations. 

                           (5) provide savings to maintain living in times of old people thoroughly. 

                           (7) proceed to have a fair income distribution. Expand opportunities for career people. And promote and support the development of local knowledge and Thai wisdom to use in manufacturing and service professionals. 

                           (8) encourage the population of working age work with child protection workers and women organize labor. And tripartite systems that work with select representatives of their rights. Organized social systems. As well as to protect the valuable work the same was a fair wage. Receive welfare benefits and equal without discrimination. 

                           (12) protect and promote the career of people to support economic development and integration of professionals.



1. The objective of the plan. 

            1. To provide a strategy for management of labor a fixed year. 2551 consistent with the direction of national development and government policies. 

            2. To the guidelines of operations at. Clear and can support the labor situation arising variations. Effectively. 

            3. To the Government in the Department of Labor guidelines are clear and the work can be integrated to work together to realize. 


2. Goal. 

            For the main goal of operations plan developed in 2551 BC workers still stick "people-centered development" as development plans by 2550 workers "who" the target. to receive care and assistance, including development. 

            1. Who are in age. Will be developing skills to increase capacity. Encourage appropriate employment. And have sufficient income to maintain life. 

            2. Those who work in the workplace. Will receive care coverage. In both conditions, the work conditions of employment stability in the work and welfare work. 

            3. Who are in the Social Security Fund. Care will be protected by permissions. And expand care to get right up. 

            4. Those who are outside the labor system. Will be organizing and maintaining permissions. Equivalent to those in the system. 

            5. Thai workers traveling to work in need? Of the country. Will be? Been ku? Care resource protection. A ษา benefits? By law. 

            6. Alien workers to work in Thailand. Will be organizing and protecting care benefits equal to the workers in the country. Thais do not supplant work. Non-social issues and national security. And make a positive contribution to Thailand. 

            7. Workers are elderly, promote and develop skills to professionals with appropriate age and income as well as growth opportunities in access to basic social guarantees for the elderly.

            8. Disabled workers. Will be to promote and develop skills for work and careers to make. To achieve employment and income to maintain life. Care coverage, including benefits under the law. 

            9. The government is. Officials of the Ministry of Labor and the corporate network running all the workers must be developed to add capabilities to work. Performance of work to adapt to the new wave of changes that occur will have to be developed as knowledge and ethics. Principles can apply to work 4 year (fairly low-performance transparent) to extend the concrete. 


3. Guide the development of workers in 2551 BC

             Development workers in 2551. Ministry of Labor continues to adhere to guidelines of operations under the provisions of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand 2550 Sufficiency Economy philosophy. Guidelines development plan of the National Economic and Social Development No. 10 (BC 2550 to 2554) to discuss government policies to the National Legislative Assembly on November 3, 2549, and policy work of the Prime Minister about. transparency, fairness and efficiency savings. As well as lead the study and assessment of Labor's Research Foundation. Developing countries to prepare a master plan for the workers (BC 2550 to 2554) that the master plan process has comments from people who have raised inquiries related to all sectors of the Ministry of Labor. Both central and regional. Including information from the executive interview with the Ministry of Labor. 

             Development Plan 2551 BC, so workers will have guidelines to work, including strategic vision, mission objective is the same way as the master plan include workforce.





             "Labor productivity is high. Stability and a good quality of life ".






                         1) "high production" refers to workers with skills, knowledge and skills to work in compliance with the requirements of the labor market in a truly international standard. Tools enhance the competitiveness of the country. 

                        2) "security" means a guarantee that workers are working to ensure the opportunity to work when needed. And receive compensation and benefits are fair. 

                        3) "good quality of life" refers to workers (both in and outside the system) has been protected by the right. Stability in the work and maintain life. Make a good quality of life.


                       1) develop a quality workforce to ethics and moral knowledge. 

                       2) are prepared to have people ready and sufficient to the needs of all economic sectors. 

                       3) strengthen the workforce stability and quality of life better. 

                       4) development of organization and personnel management, labor efficiencies.

Strategy  Strategy consists of operations strategy is 7
                       1) strategies to promote and support are enough people in both quantity and quality Will proceed to the problem of labor shortage. Relief inconsistencies between demand and supply in the labor market both in quantity and quality. The preparation of personnel to new graduates from various educational levels. To be ready to enter the labor market by adjusting skills Pa Na o Skill. To meet the needs of each establishment. The work is labor market information network and an information demand and supply of credit for each province. Career guidance. Access to labor market needs of labor market training, development and testing of Skill Standards. Skill standards to enhance international access. And enhancing productivity of labor increased. This will result in Thailand to compete in the world stage.



                       2) strategies to strengthen the security of employment to workers

Ongoing improvement process development work to promote effective and consistent with labor market conditions. By promoting proceed to prepare a guidance system, career group meet every goal. Encourage the sustainable ทํ work life. Develop and promote the professional development system ก้ page and network news to cover the labor market. Labor market information specific situations (Labor Market Information: LMI) and network connectivity between central and regional information systems for performance. Developing the talents of both analysis and services. Including improvements to the appropriate organization, mission and work.

                      3) strategies to strengthen security in work and good quality of life for workers  Will prepare workers both in and outside the immune system to convert Union เเ year Li flow globalization. By developing and promoting welfare. Indemnification. And labor. Secures social workers and promoting quality of life. System protection and occupational health and safety in the work environment. Distribution system knowledge of social and labor protection. Extend social security coverage to workers outside of the development of Thai workers to increase trading opportunities. Improve laws on social security and labor protection. And tracking system (enforcement) compliance with the law effective. Promote and support research to increase social protection and workers in the formal system development and information technology systems and organization structure to meet the mission. 

                      4) Strategic Management alien workers  To improve and develop systems to import alien workers to smuggle into the city to legal and safe to get the right protection is not different from Thai workers. The increase of imports under MOU alien labor rights protection and legal guarantees for the problem of human trafficking each year. Reducing social and health impact from Rita of employment land. Technology to expand opportunities for Thais to work in a professional exemptions alien workers do. To reduce dependence on alien workers. Consider information technology systems. Appropriate organizational structure and mission.
                     5) strategic development of the database information workers   Will proceed to develop a database management system such as the workers are employees. Information both in and outside the workforce. Labor market information. Information, professional training. Establishment of information networking, etc. and the powerful. Coordinating the development and use of data obtained both within and outside the Ministry agencies. Improving public services with electronic service system. Development potential of technology personnel. And corporate restructuring to meet the mission.
                     6) develop strategies to management of the Ministry of Labor has excelled   And will proceed to support a plan that complies with the strategy and other mission assigned by the government. Improve legal regulations to support the management of labor. Building mechanism in collaboration with relevant agencies to promote development are people. Develops and operates a research workforce that supports the management of the Ministry of Labor. Develop tracking and evaluation. Encourage กํ system. Than the remuneration of the personnel. Motivation and fair. Improve technology systems. Information up to date. And network links. Support personnel to have developed the ability to meet mission. And organizational structure to improve efficiency.
                     7) Strategies for helping victims and suffering due to crisis and the public.  Will proceed to collaborate with various agencies involved. The public to monitor the situation and crisis. Prepare a database of warning workers. Proceed to help the suffering experienced by way of assistance or measures prescribed it. By integrating the contributions of all agencies together

                   1) to adjust supply and demand in the labor market accordingly. To workers and entrepreneurs. Knowledgeable (Competency) international standard. 

                   2) to expand the employment opportunities. Add options to professionals in all segments of the target security income. 

                   3) workers in and outside the protected rights. Quality of life and good. Collateral security in the work and maintain life. 

                  4) to a legal alien workers to meet the needs of operators alien workers rights are protected and not affect workers and violence against the people of Thailand. 

                  5) of the rapidly changing workforce and access to formal sources of labor in modern databases are linked network accessible nationwide. 

                  6) Ministry of Labor has the workforce management system is effective and popular acceptance of society. 

                  7) accidents due to disaster victims / public. And having trouble because the crisis was having problems with work and more quickly.


The strategy used to practice

1. Strategies to promote and support the workforce in both quantity and quality sufficient. 

2. Strategies for building stability in a work made for workers. 

3. Strategy to strengthen security work and quality of life better for workers. 

4. Strategic management of alien workers. 

5. Strategic Development Information System database of workers. 

6. Strategy development management of the Ministry of Labor to excellence. 

7. Strategies to assist victims. Suffering due to crisis and public. 


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1. Labor Year Development Plan 2551.

2. Governor 4 year plan from 2548 to 2551 the Ministry of Labor. 

Master plan for workers