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Assistant Minister Pornsak Visits Surin to Monitor Progress on Labour Minister’s Policies and Preparations to Support the Migration of Foreign Workers

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                   On July 7, 2022, at 10.00 hours, the Labour Minister Mr. Suchart Chomklin, assigned Assistant Minister from the Prime Minister’s Office, performing duties for the Ministry of Labour, Mr. Pornsak Charoenprasert, Cabinet Advisory Board Members Mr. Pairote Wongprom, Dr. Aek Asavarekha, and Mr. Thanakrit Jirivipakorn, and the Sisaket Provincial Labour Office to meet with heads of government agencies under the Ministry of Labour in Surin Province to monitor the progress on the Ministry of Labour’s missions following the Labour Minister’s instructions, and to prepare to support the migration of foreign workers. The occasion took place at the Volunteer Guard Battalion, Kap Choeng District 6 meeting room (Chong Chom Operation Base), Kap Choeng District, Surin Province. The Kap Choeng District Chief gave a welcoming. The Superintendent of the Surin Provincial Immigration Office reported the condition of foreign workers’ migration after opening the Chong Chom checkpoint. The Surin Provincial Public Health Doctor reported the prevention of COVID-19. The Commander of the Suranaree Force, Head of the International Communicable Disease Control Checkpoint, the Office for Disease Control and Prevention 9, Heads of the Area Sales Coordinating Unit 2, the Chairperson of the Dan Subdistrict Administrative Organization, and related agencies attended the meeting. The meeting reported information on preparing to support the migration of foreign workers through the Chong Chom border checkpoint by working with relevant parties. The Assistant Minister emphasized that agencies under the Ministry of Labour in Surin Province focus on carrying out the missions following the Labour Minister Mr. Suchart Chomklin’s policy. They strictly enforce the policies on bringing foreign workers to work in Thailand, ensuring compliance under Section 64 and the MOU. They prohibit any officials from the Ministry of Labour from being involved in the illegal importation of foreign workers and human trafficking. The delegation visited business organizations in the Chong Chom border market area and around the Chong Chom permanent border checkpoint to encourage employers, employees, and workers to pass through the economic crisis and COVID-19 situation together. They charged the agencies under the Ministry of Labour in Surin Province and related agencies to care for the people, establishments, and local workers.


Division of Public Relations
7 July 2022