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Create awareness foreign media in Samut Sakhon to see the management of foreign workers

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          H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor assigned Ms. Anusri Thapsuwan, the Secretariat of the Prime Minister presides over the opening ceremony of the international press conference. “The Situation of Foreign Workers in Thailand” under the Public Relation Project of Thailand Image, 2018 at Samutsakorn Hospital. Ms. Anusri said that on behalf of the Ministry of Labor welcomes all foreign correspondents with pleasure. The Government, under the leadership of General Prayut Chanocha, Prime Minister has a policy to prevent and solve the problem of human trafficking. Including the issue of escape. H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor has an urgent policy to organize foreign workers by establishing a one stop service center for the registration of work permits and the work of foreign workers: Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar have been able to live and work legally. It also stresses the need to push and accelerate the resolution of human trafficking. IUU Fishing has tackled illegal fishing practices and prevented the use of child labor in a bad way. The Ministry of Labor manages the foreign workers to work legally in Thailand so that they can enjoy the right to protection and protection of legal rights like those of Thais and comply with international standards. This shows that Thailand is trying to prevent and address the serious and serious human trafficking issues.



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          The Ministry of Labor would like to thank all journalists for their interest in the management of foreign workers in Thailand and let all the foreign journalists together to disseminate the intentions. Our commitment is that Thailand has resolved to tackle human trafficking and respect for human rights in the eyes of the world.

          The situation of migrant workers in Thailand As of February 2018 (Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia) working in Thailand totaled 3,809,519 persons, including 1) Foreign Workers Imported under the MOU 615,943. 2) Alien Workers with nationality verification 1,320,280. 3) 32,291 migrant workers working in a round-the-clock or seasonal manner. 4) Foreign workers registered for a waiver of employment include labor in fishery The Aquarium, matching labor relations employer – employee, workers have been permitted. (Work Permit Expired March 31, 2018), numbering 1,687,473 people. 5) 153,532 skilled workers / specialists were classified into 108,719 general categories, 44,813 investment promotion or lawyers.