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Deputy Permanent Secretary stresses that the labor administration must be honest, upright, and develop themselves in all aspects.

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Deputy Permanent Secretary stresses middle-level management to work with honesty, integrity to achieve the goals of work, and self-development by seeking knowledge in all aspects of development work in the responsibility.


          Today (Dec 26, 2012), Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor assigned Mrs. Petcharat Sinauy, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor as the president to close the training course Mid-level Executive Management, Issue 17. Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labor said “The Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor, is focusing on the development of mid-level executives to have leadership with knowledge, skills, the management in the right way and consistent with the changing circumstances at all times. Be ready for effective management at the policy level. The management is often faced with problems and obstacles. Therefore, the good management must have a strong heart, patience, sacrifice, and dedication to work with honesty and integrity to achieve the goal of work. Nowadays, society is changing rapidly. Technological advances bring new knowledge widely, so every official should develop themselves by seeking knowledge in all aspects for self development and continuous development of their responsibilities. “

          The training of the middle-level management (17th) is composed of Labor specialists from the Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor in the central region and the Office of the Minister, 40 people, divided into 14 central government officials, 25 provincial and 1 ministerial office. The training began from December 12, 2017 until today, 15 day course.