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Foreign workers gladly the cabinet allowed to return home during Songkran, approval of Fisheries Law Protection Act

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          Today (Mar 27, 2018) Mrs. Petcharat Sinauy, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor as a spokesperson for the Ministry of Labor revealed that the Cabinet has agreed on three issues proposed by the Ministry of Labor: 1) to allow foreign migrant workers from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to work in Thailand as labors, housemaids, marine engine technician, marine fisherman, and language coordinator can return to the country of origin to participate in the Songkran Festival of 2018 from April 5 to April 30, 2018 and back into Thailand during the period. 2) The Cabinet has agreed to increase the period of operation of the staff to seal the seal in the Kingdom, apply for a work permit and make history to migrant workers. However, it has been filed with the Department of Employment, which must be completed by March 31, 2018, so that it can remain in the Kingdom Thailand until June 30, 2018.           Mrs Petcharat added that the cabinet also approved the draft ministerial regulation on labor protection in sea fishing. The essence of the draft stipulates that wages should be paid to the employees on a monthly basis, and that wages and salaries shall not be less than the daily wage rate prescribed by the wage committee, pay monthly through the employee’s bank account and the employer must pay the money to the employee’s account for verification and require employers to fishery outside provide communication equipment to employees of fishing labor to contact liaison officers or family members during the sea, the ministerial regulations will come into force next to the date published in the Government Gazette onwards. The employer pays the money to the bank account of the employee. Shall be effective upon the expiration of 45 days following the date of publication in the Government Gazette.