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Gen. Adul accelerated the improvement of the center of foreign citizenship: convenience, reduce congestion, and free brokerage

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          H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor disclosed after the meeting to receive opinions / suggestions from the licensee to bring the alien to work under the draft of the Aliens Management Act (No. …) at the training room of job seekers, 11th Floor, Labor Management Division Thailand The Office of Social Security Bangkok, Area 3, said today he met with representatives and owners of foreign companies to work legally in the country of 112 companies attended the training of 78 companies, which has clarified, the decree on the management of the work of the alien (No. ..) to be announced, the rate of punishment and management to know the true purpose of the law, including listening to comments with suggestions to work together between the company and the Ministry of Labor. This will cause a policy driven into the action clearly.


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          Gen. Adul added that the Center for Proof of Foreign Workers’ Nationality, which is still poorly managed, such as the queue system, is still inaccurate, including overly long procedures, especially in Sa Kaeo. However, the organization of migrant workers has been moderately driven and progressed. The management issues will be improved so that they can be organized by reducing procedures, accuracy, employers and workers. Two weeks ago, Samutprakarn ordered the Department of Employment to change the location of the center. It’s not too far from the old place, it can accommodate more people, and it has the Metro, which makes it smoother, less crowded, and more convenient for employers and workers. more and more In the next week, this center will be open for service, said Gen. Adul. In addition, the Ministry of Labor has instructed the Department of Employment to improve the work of each center to the same standard to provide employers and workers with convenience as well as reducing the issue of wire play barrier.