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“Gen. Adul” drives the establishment of a small child center and protects women’s rights

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          Ministry of Labor supports the establishment of a small child center to cover the cooperation of local and national government.


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          Government policy drives Protection of women’s rights. On January 8th, H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor, said that after discussions with the Women’s Integration Group led by Miss Wilamol Montrikanon, President of the Integration Group Women workers, along with 9 delegates, met with government officials on the protection of women workers at the 6th floor of the Labor Office, The Ministry of Labor today (Jan. 8, 61) said that the government now has a policy to protect all workers, including women workers equally and equally. The case of the Women Workers Integration Group asked the Ministry of Labor to support the budget of the International Women’s Day and to restructure women’s participation in the Tripartite Committee. The basic principle is to consider further support. The proposal to establish a child center in the establishment. Ministry of Labor has given importance. By encouraging the establishment to have a child center in the workplace. The growth of children is very important, especially children from birth to 6 years old must be taken care to develop and increase the capacity. It is also a welfare for women workers.
         H.E. Police General Adul continues that there are currently over 40,000 children’s centers are currently undergoing child center operations, with the Ministry of Labor, Social Welfare and the Ministry of Social Development and Human security, Ministry of Interior Bangkok, and local administrative organizations to provide better care for women in the workplace and in the community.