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Gen. Adul opened OSS Center 24 hours “Repeat” does not extend

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          H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor, announces the opening of the OSS service, the registration of the work permit for foreign workers from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar for 24 hours. The Labor Ministry said March 31, 2018 will be due to complete the registration and work permit for foreign workers. During the last week before the end of the operation, a large number of migrant workers will come to the OSS to prepare for such an operation to complete of the scheduled time.

          The Ministry of Labor has revised the OSS operation plan as follows: 1) Reduce the process by dividing the aliens into two groups, Group 1: Proof of nationality. Report Visa is valid in the Kingdom until 31 March 2020 and apply for work permit. The temporary work permit is valid until June 30, 2018 and the health check-up. Completion of work registration for work until March 31, 2020. Group 2 has not yet proved nationality to proceed to OSS at all stages by March 31st, 2018 to stay in the Kingdom and work up to March 31, 2020. Step 2) Increase time by adding 24-hour service time with 3 sets of operations. Rotation in OSS centers of provinces with large numbers of migrants It is expected that it will not be able to operate as scheduled on March 31, 2018. For example, Chiang Rai, Ratchaburi, Ranong and Bangkok are four. The center will be open 24 hours a day at the Ministry of Labor on the ground floor of the Ministry of Labor Building, 3 more centers at Petchkasem 65, IT Square, and Tang Hua Seng Thonburi will be available from 08.00 – 22.00 hrs., set up today until March 31, 2018. 3) Recruitment Announcing the Department of Employment “on the location and method of filing the report to prepare or update the register of work and work permits of Cambodian, Laos and Myanmar workers. “According to the Cabinet’s resolution on January 16, 2018, the declaration was enforced from March 26 to March 31, Bangkok Employment Agency Area 1-10, also adds an Internet channel through the Department of Employment website. From March 26, 2018 at 08:30 to March 31, 2018, at 24.00.

          “Adjusting the plan by reducing the steps, increasing the time, adding channels, will increase the convenience and speed of operation. The Ministry of Labor has fully worked to complete the scheduled. Confirmation does not extend. At present, there are 1,687,473 foreign workers working at the OSS center, 727,902 people are working, and 959,571 workers are requesting that the employer accelerate the operation of the site or online channel as mentioned above, “said Labor Minister in the end.