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Gen. Adul satisfied with the registration of foreigners 96%, with a plan to handle the record of 3.5 hundred thousand people

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          H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor revealed that the results of operations of the OSS nationwide were conducted from February 5 to March 31, 2018. It appears that 1,379,252 migrant workers reported total of 1,320,035 migrants, or 96 percent of the target group, 961,956 of whom completed the process, the group conducts the visa application process and applies for a work permit 127 429 people, the group reported to the Provincial Employment Office. The number of 40,604 jobseekers in Bangkok metropolitan area is estimated at 190,056. There are also 59,217 unidentified migrant workers. Some migrants are expected to return to their country of origin or, perhaps, to change the status to the MOU system in order to return to work, so they did not report to the center.


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          H.E. Police General Adul added that the Ministry of Labor has implemented the remaining 358,089 migrant workers in the three groups, namely: 1) Visa and Work Permit Groups 2) The group filed documents with employment agencies across the country and 3) reported online groups. The record will be re-assigned to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor to discuss with the relevant agencies to review the lesson and to plan the next operation effectively. It will be announced on April 18th and will be available on April 23rd.