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Gen. Adul was in the area of Nakhon Phanom to bring a job box to job seekers in the area

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            January 5, 2018) Pol. Gen. Adul Sangsingkeo, Minister of Labor, presided over the opening ceremony of the month of employment to follow The King philosophy at I Hotel.


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            It is a cooperation of all sectors, such as the Ministry of Labor, employers, enterprises. In the eyes of the government to deliver happiness to the people to create jobs, create a career, during the New Year. The Ministry of Labor delivered 9 new gifts to workers, employees, employers, and the public. ‘9 cheerful workers’, including workers, labor inspectors, civil servants, home repairers, Cheerful home, Prachatai State, insured borrow money to buy a home, pay child support, and raise money to benefit children, the insurer, happy to call the site., free screen, cheerful, volunteer labor, and fun to work with matching people to work. The promotion of employment is a key element in generating income, including the working population. This will propel and develop the country’s economy to grow continuously. Human resources are a key factor in building sustainable competitiveness in the country by the philosophy of sufficiency economy. It leads to the strengthening of human dignity, equality, the ability to stand up to their own capacity as a quality human resource, a good life in accordance with international standards. It has good collateral, decent work opportunities, legal protections, fair employment conditions, safe working conditions and environments, and good labor relations to get the right benefits and ready to enter the labor market in Thailand 4.0, according to the way the market needs to achieve all Thai people have jobs, quality, stability to develop the national economy to continue.

            By organizing this event, the Ministry of Labor has introduced the Job Box for people who want to work, can match people to jobs by using one ID card to find jobs, can identify job description, find a company name, income ratio when the press is linked to the job application system with a Job Box service in all provinces. It’s a new way to find jobs anytime, anywhere along with the appointment of workers, career guidance services, freelance and occupation. It’s been done all year.