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Golden Opportunity for New Graduates! Labour Minister Discusses Deploying of Thai Workers to Japan with IM Japan to Create New Business People

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          On May 23, 2022, Labour Minister Mr. Suchart Chomklin welcomed Mr. Hitoshi Kanamori, President of the International Manpower Development Organization, Japan (IM Japan) and delegation, on a courtesy call to the Labour Minister. The meeting took place on the occasion of Mr. Hitoshi Kanamori taking the President of IM Japan position in March 2020. They also discussed the government’s requirements for expanding the recruitment of Thai technical interns, including ways to expand cooperation to a new agreement on the recruitment of specialized skilled workers. Assistant to the Labour Minister Mr. Surachai Chaitrakulthong, Secretariat to the Labour Minister, Mr. Suthep Chitvong, Assistant Minister from the Prime Minister’s Office performing duties for the Ministry of Labour, Mr. Suthi Sukosol, the Ministry of Labour’s Spokesperson (on politics), and Mrs. Thienrat Navamawat, Permanent Secretary of Labour, Mr. Boonchob Suttamanaswong and the Ministry of LAbour’s executives also joined the occasion at the Chatumongkol Meeting Room, 6th floor, Ministry of Labour.
          Mr. Suchart said that the Ministry of Labour thanks IM Japan for providing Thai people with the opportunity to do technical training with almost 200 member companies throughout Japan. At present, approximately 650 Thai people are participating in the project. The technical interns will also receive Japanese language and culture training before traveling. This project contributes to the development of enterprises and human resource development. It supports economic cooperation through technology transfer and technical exchanges with Thai technical trainees, supporting them to succeed in their admirable work. The Ministry of Labour is ready to support the training facility, to support the growing number of trainers. There are training centers in Pathum Thani Province, Samut Prakan Province, and Institutes of Skill Development in all provinces across the country. It will also expand cooperation to a new agreement on recruiting and deploying employees with specialized skills to become concrete in Thailand’s work trips abroad.
          Mr. Suchart continued that the IM Japan project is a project that will help create good opportunities for Thai children, especially as an alternative for new graduates who are deciding on finding work, continuing their studies, or want to develop their skills to extend their career further. It will also open up new experiences in language and culture in learning to live in a foreign country. This is in line with the government’s policy to encourage all groups of Thais to have jobs, not limited to just within the country. The Ministry of Labour also encourages skilled Thai workers to have the opportunity to work abroad, create a new life and build a position for themselves, their family, and their country too.


Division of Public Relations
23 May 2022