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Government Allocated 2018 Budget for Thailand 4.0

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           The Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General Mr. Soothi Sukosol spoke about the overall budget allocation for 2018 where the different Ministry of Labour’s units have been allocated budgets separately. The Officer of the Permanent Secretary has been allocated 1.286 billion Baht, the Department of Employment 1.277 billion Baht, the Department of Skills Development 2.331 billion Baht, the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare 1.084 billion Baht, the Social Security Office with 43.515 billion Baht and the Thailand Institute of Occupational Safety and Health with 63 million Baht. Furthermore, the Social Security Office has been supported with 42.62 billion Baht. In total, the Ministry of Labour has been allocated 49.559 billion Baht in budget.

           Mr. Soothi explained that strategic planning was budgeted the most with 56.93 percent, an increase of 6.78 percent from the previous year. Followed by this were development plans with 32.71 percent (increased by 5.98 percent), civil servant development plans with 7.44 percent (increased by 1.26 percent) and foundation working plans with 2.92 percent (decreased by 20.91 percent). 

           “Budgets allocated to the Ministry of Labour in 2018 correspond with the 20-year national strategy and the human resource development plan for a Thailand 4.0. For example, government contributions for insurer welfare, improving the workforce potential, human resource development towards creating a Thailand 4.0, expanding welfare coverage to informal workers, integrating efforts in eliminating migrant worker and human trafficking problems. The budgets allocated to the Ministry of Labour also align with strategies on stability, improving potential of the workforce, resolving poverty and inequality, developing management systems in the public sector and booting the nation’s competitiveness in support of the Thailand 4.0 policy,” said Mr. Soothi.


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1 September 2017