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Labour Minister Assigns Advisor to Commence Training for Small Engine Maintenance in Agriculture to Develop Informal Workers and Revive the Economic Foundations

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          On September 20, 2022, the Labour Minister, Mr. Suchart Chomklin, assigned the Labour Minister’s Advisor, Mrs. Thiwalrat Angkinan, presided over the opening remarks of training under the Informal Workforce Development Project to develop and restore the economic foundation. The training was in small engine maintenance in agriculture, Class 1/2022, for 2022. Deputy Governor of Ratchaburi Province, Mr. Udom Petchkut, with heads of government agencies under the Ministry of Labour in Ratchaburi Province, also participated in the occasion at the Suan Yai Yen Herb Processing Community Enterprise, Moo 7, Tao Poon Subdistrict, Photharam District, Ratchaburi Province.
          Mrs. Thiwalrat said that the Ministry of Labour, under the supervision of the Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan, and the Labour Minister Mr. Suchart Chomklin, said that there is a focus on the development of vocational skills for informal and repatriated workers so that they can have a career that is suitable for the needs of the community. The efforts extend their careers, raise their incomes, and drive the economic foundations.
          The project was organized to help rehabilitate and heal those professionally affected by the COVID-19 situation. It equips them with the potential to participate in economic activities to drive the community’s economic foundation and create jobs and income to meet the needs of people in the area.


Division of Public Relations
20 September 2022