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Labour Minister Assigns MOL Spokesperson to Lead the Team to Congratulate Manager Daily on Their 15th Anniversary

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          On November 7, 2022, at 13.30 hours, the Labour Minister, Mr. Suchart Chomklin, assigned the Ministry of Labour’s Spokesperson (on Politics), Mrs. Thienrat Navamawat, to lead the Ministry of Labour’s management team to present a flower basket to congratulate Manager Daily on their 15th anniversary, stepping into their 15th anniversary. The Manager Daily Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Suwat Thongthanakul, was the recipient on this occasion. The Department of Employment’s Inspector-General, Mr. Sibmuenchai Phothisin, the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare’s Inspector-General, Mr. Krirkkrai Nasomyont, and representatives from the Office of the Permanent Secretary of Labour, the Department of Skill Development and the Social Security Office joined to congratulate them at the Chao Phraya House, Phra Athit Road, Chana Songkhram Subdistrict, Dusit District, Bangkok.


Division of Public Relations
7 November 2022